UK deed July 1650 – Bostwick

Items in old newspapers may give excellent data such as names and dates that will help you enhance your family tree, to levels you would have taken many years to acquire.

Here is an example where someone (Arthur Bostwick) gives an old deed to the state library and the deed has names and dates that will help the genealogist who is working on a Bostwick Family Tree.

Here is the text taken off of he news item.

The state library (of Connecticut) has received from
Arthur Bostwick of the St. Louis Public Library
a deed

a deed executed in England
on July 31, 1650
written on parchment

the deed given by
R. C. Bostock
Charles W Bostwick
of Hudson, New York

who in turn gave it to
Arthur E Bostwick
who gave it to the state library

the deed conveys land in
the village of Gillingham
near Gadshill county of Kent
for a sum of 50 pounds
the grantee being Thomas Bostock

Spelling of name:
Botestock, Botestoch, Bostock
from Cheshire Bostwick, Bostick,

Arthur Bostock or Bostwick came to USA in 1640

New London, Connecticut
The Day – Nov 1, 1915

Here are two screen prints of the news item; on the full item and the second a cropped item so that it fits better on the Ancestry page.

I hope this post will help you with you genealogy quest.

Thank You
Jose from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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