One obit yields a dozen – Kirkpatrick Kirk – Michigan

Don’t you just hate it when the newspaper item says Mrs. instead of the woman’s first name?

I know I’ve posted about this before but this post is different because it took me a long time to find Mrs Charles Beattie first name. Normally I can find the woman’s name within the obituary or on a record that comes up in a search. With this particular obit, it took me many hours and many obit clues to find out that her name was Marie.

I found the following obit and cropped it to fit the square of the Ancestry dot com profile box.

No where in the obituary can one find her name, so I created a tree to see if that way I would find out who she was.

I had her father’s full name Hugh Kirk and that helped me find new information for the tree. I worked on it for a couple of days and was able to find many obits, most from Google News Archive but a couple from Newspaper Collection on Ancestry dot com.

Here is what I finally ended up with. Notice I had to cropped several to make them fit into a profile page.

Started with this one: obit – Mrs Charles Beattie – Jan 1901 – Mich

and then I found all these:

obit – Addison M Brewster – Mar 1955 – Mich

obit – Clark Norton – age 72 – May 1950 – Mich

obit – Edith Kirk Brewster – age 85 – Nov 1964 – Mich

obit – Elizabeth Kirk Gensen – Nov 1917 – Mich

obit – Hugh Kirk – age 90 – Aug 1905 – Mich

obit – Jessie Kirk Norton – May 1970 – Mich

obit – Maude Kirk Ewald – Jul 1900 – Mich

obit – Rebecca Kirkpatrick Darke – Apr 1923 – Mich

obit – Stephen P Darke – Jan 1929 – Mich

obit – William J Kirke – Oct 1928 – Mich

obit – Zella Mae Kirke – Nov 1916 – Mich

The final tree had the following statistics:

Hugh Kirkpatrick Kirk – obit – 14 Aug 1905 – Mich – Family Tree

owner: josemunoz2546


61 people on tree

24 last names on tree:
Beattie, Brewster, Colins, Darke, Darks, Eckley, Ewald, Ganson, Gensen, Hoe, Kirk, Kirke, Kirkpatrick, Lunny, Nason, Neil, Norton, Panfilo, Roberts, Robinson, Smith, Tate, Thurston, Van Wormer


The reason the tree was created:

Created using info off of obit – Ludington, Mason, Michigan
Ludington Daily News – Aug 17, 1905

Below are all the cropped obits that I was able to find.

I hope these obits will get to the family trees that could use them.

Each obit has been put onto the FindAGrave memorial pages, so people who are not members of Ancestry dot com will be able to access the obits.

Here are two (2) screen prints of the tree to give you an idea what it looks like.

Thank You


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