Hansen Family Trees

In the last blog post “Lester G Hansen – Ludington, Michigan“, I said I would look into how the various trees, that have Hansen’s on them, are connected.

I created a folder to hold the various loose folders that I had to review; Hans I, James, and John Jorgen Heilsen Hansen

Hansens to do

and I used this folder to help me look at some of the of the other family trees in the munoz collection.

Hansen Trees

I looked at the Michael Fialkowski Family tree because it had many people and many names on the tree: 152 people and 49 names on tree which I was able to see in the text file called “0 – a tree created”.

Every tree that I create gets this text file which contains the name of the tree, the owner name, the link to the tree, the number of people on the tree, the number and last names on the tree and the reason with link of why the tree was created. The following is the “0 – a tree created” for Michael Fialkowski’s tree.

Michael Fialkowski – obit – Sep 1928 – Mich

owner: josemunoz2546

152 people

49 names on tree:

Acks, Anderson, Arntz, Barber, Barton, Begin, Benedict, Carter, Clark, Clausen, Claussen, Clawsen Colyer, Fedorchak, Fialkowski, Fuller, Genson, Gienizik, Golinska, Hansen, Hanson Helson, Henricksen, Henrickson, Hilden, Jonatzke, Jorgensen, Katch, King, Larsen, Magoon, Marcellus, McKinnon, Miller, Moore, Morton, Nelson, Olsen, Olson, Olszewski, Peterson, Pykose, Pykosz, Robillard, Sawdy, Skowronski, Van Dan Aynde, Van Loon, Vanloon

created with info: Ludington, Michigan Ludington Daily News – Sep 16, 1928 https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=CJdOAAAAIBAJ&sjid=f0ADAAAAIBAJ&pg=6558%2C3050505

cont. the newspaper item in same issue: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=CJdOAAAAIBAJ&sjid=f0ADAAAAIBAJ&pg=4304%2


While reviewing the tree to see where the Hansen branch was located I had to create a flow chart to help me find the connection.

Jorgen Nielsen John Hansen

BIRTH ABT 1804 • Denmark
DEATH Unknown


Catherine Birgette Katie Olsen

BIRTH ABT 1827 • Denmark
DEATH MAR 1904 • Victory Township, Mason County, Michigan, USA
Jorgen and Catherine’s son:
James Jens Hansen


Marie C M Jorgensen
James and Marie’s son:
Rasmus P Hansen


Hazel A Marcellus
Rasmus and Hazel’s daughter:
Emma Lucille Hansen


Leonard L A King
Leonard has a brother named David:
David G A King


Delia Robillard
David and Delia’s daughter:
Aletha May King


Robert W Van Loon Va
1931 – Living
parents of Robert:
Stella Estella Fialkowski


Peter Van Loon Va
parents of Stella:
Michael Fialkowski


Marths Golinska

The above flowchart allowed me to see how the Fialkowski family connected to the Hansen family.

Once I found the connection I thought it would be helpful for others to have a separate tree for the Hansen’s and that points to the Michael Fialkowski tree so I created a tree for Emma Lucille Hansen.

Emma Lucille Hansen – obit – Jun 1987 – Mich – Family Tree

owner: josemunoz2546

8 people on tree
7 names on tree:
Clark, Claussen, Hansen, Jorgesen, King, Larsen, Mursellus

created using info off of another family tree and her obit of 1987

I did not put all the people on the new tree, that are on Emma’s branch on the Fialkowski tree, but I did put links to each tree so that people can go from one tree to the other and end up directly on the Hansen branch.

Emma profile page with link box

I also put a copy of her obit on the new tree, that can be found on the Falkowski tree:

obit - Emma Lucille Hansen King - Jun 1987 - Mich

I added her husband and her parents and also her husbands parents to the new tree.

Also a copy of the obit for her husband:

obit - Leonard A King - Jun 1981 - Mich

Here is a side note: Sometimes an obit can be overly wordy and contains a lot of information that does not pertain to relatives and so I crop the item and include only pertinent information, which I did for Leonard’s obit above; see cropped obit below.

obit - Leonard A King - Jun 1981 - Mich 2

I do include both obit on the tree so people access either one for their files.

So, getting back to the new Emma tree, it contains the links that will allow other tree owners jump to the Fialkowski if they want to see more of the Hansen family or the King family.

I added the new tree to list of Hansen’s family trees in the munozcollection.

List of Hansen Family Trees - 15 Jul 2020

Maybe at some other time I will look at some of these other family trees like the Boyle, Christensen or Prettyman trees.

I hope this post has helped you in some way to work on your genealogy projects.

Thank You

Jose A Munoz from Clarkston, Michigan

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