Lester G Hansen – Ludington Michigan

Here is another example of how finding one small newspaper item will lead to many other family items in the newspaper.

I saw a small item in a Ludington newspaper which told of the death of Lester,

death - Lester G Hansen - Dec 1999 - Mich

and so I went looking for his obit.  I found it.

obit - Lester G Hansen - Dec 1999 - Mich

I took screen prints of the two items and captured the links so that I could pass them onto other family tree owners who may not have the obit in their trees.

I created a text file for the Lester project.

Lester G Hansen
age 53

born: 03 Mar 1946
in Ludington, Mason, Michigan

died 28 Dec 1999 Tuesday
at Memorial Medical Center

father: Henry M Hansen
mother: Marie H Chilberg


Lynette King – Texas
Melissa (Matthew) Oomen – Scottville
Jessica Mishler – Scottville
Michael Hansen – Scottville
Lee Hansen – Scottville
Cassandra Hansen – Scottville

three (3) – brothers:
Lloyd (Carol) Hansen – Ludington
Richard (Joyce) Hansen – Ludington
Kevin (Nancy) Hansen – Ludington

three (3) sisters:
Mrs Linda (Allen) Smith – Montague
Marie Lanning – Montague
Amy Hansen – Ludington

Alexander Oomen

several nieces and nephews


two (2) brothers:
Arthur Hansen
Steven Hansen
address: 105 E State St, Scottville

grew up in Ludington
attended Ludington schools

was in US Army
during Vietnam Era

was a bouncer at Johnny’s
in Custer
for 32 years

worked for Gilbert Stansell family
for 10 years

Interment: South Victory Cemetery
screen print of obit is on FindAGrave
Memorial ID: 19764371
Ludington, Mason, Michigan
Ludington Daily News – Dec 29, 1999

See above this link:

on tree: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/170239609/family/familyview

As I typed up the transcript (text file) I rearranged the information given in the news item to make it easier to follow while I made a tree for Lester.

I added new information to the text file, as I worked on the tree and as I found new information on records and other files such as the FindAGrave memorial number, and the tree link. I add the information so that others who get the text file will be able to go to the new web sites.

I sent the text file to other family tree owners, that I found online, who had Lester on their branches. While looking for those family trees I was able to find other news items that were in some of those other trees (see blue squares on gallery below).

While working on the tree and reviewing other family trees I was able to find new items and information for and about the Hansen family.

I picked up death dates off of records and off of trees and was able to find the obits for those dates. Below is the gallery for the family tree I created showing the various newspaper items I created and found. From the first two (2) items in red, I was able to find and create several other obits and was able to find obit that were already on Ancestry dot com. The existing items are outlined in blue.

Blog - Lester G Hansen - Ludington Michigan - Gallery

The above gallery is public and therefore other Ancestry dot com members can find and use the items.

Beside the items shown above, I was also able to find other newspaper items for the Hansen family of Ludington, Mason, Michigan and I captured those items and links so that I can research them in the future.

Here are the items I will research in my future projects.

Hansens to do

These Hansen family members may or may not be related to each other but since I now have the obits and other news items for them I will be able to find any connection that might exist.

I will be able to compare them to other Hansen trees that I’ve created in the past, which I can review using my tracking Excel file (See below for more information about this tracking file).

The following PDF file will allow Ancestry dot com members to go to the individual family trees listed.

Hansen Family Tree in Munoz Collection 

Hansen Family Tree in Munoz Collection 2

Below is a screen print of the list you will find in the above PDF file; Notice that the Lester G Hansen family tree now is part of the Hansen tree collection.


List of Hansen Family Trees - 15 Jul 2020

The above trees are not just Hansen trees, they are Rosenkrands, Tuttle, Lathers, Stolberg, Towns and many other family tree names. Each of the trees have someone on it that has a surname of Hansen and thus could be linked to other Hansen’s in the munoz collection. [There are 1402 family trees in the collection as of today]

I hope this brief description, of a family tree creation and the benefits of creating a tree off of small items in old newspapers, will help you with your genealogy adventures.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Below are other blog posts that will help you understand how the Excel tracking file helps in working with many family trees.

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