How to transfer a list of all your trees to a table – in 4 easy steps


Capturing a small news item in an old newspaper can sometimes lead to a new blog post.

I found the following small item about a 25th anniversary and tried to find some family tree owner that might like the information for their tree.

25th anniversary

I found many family trees for the Tyring family and sent one a message with the news text and the newspaper link.


Mr and Mrs Nils J Tyring


25th anniversary


13 Apr 1917


brother: Mr. Tyring from Texas with two daughters


Link to newspaper

Olneyville, R. I.


[Olneyville, Rhode Island, USA]


Providence County Times – May 4, 1917


see to the right and below from this link


I figured there were enough owners who would be able to capture the link once the first owner put it on their tree and was about to close things up but something told me to find another tree.

I picked a tree at random to send the link to that owner. I did just that, like above.

After I had finished the message to the owner, I noticed that she (knauff) had written in her profile that she had “50 trees but only 10 show up”.

I too had seen that problem; only a hand full of my trees showing up in my profile.

Well, that problem seems to have been in the “old Ancestry profile page”; the new one allows the full tree list to be viewed. See below there is an “Expand” button on the list of trees.

screen print of profile page

When I clicked on the “Expand” I was able to see all the trees that knauff has created, not just ten of them. Here is a sample of what came up in “Expand”

Family Trees
Bradvica/Arnerich/Ayer/Kantola/Mandic/Rubesa Family Trees
19,365 People; 36,745 Records; 5,938 Media
Colyer/Karam/Hanna/Kling Family Tree
3,447 People; 4,416 Records; 861 Media
Knauff Family Tree
13,385 People; 22,643 Records; 3,989 Media
Abbott Family Tree
646 People; 1,746 Records; 180 Media
Kosoff/ Coling Family Tree
926 People; 1,658 Records; 181 Media
Mandić Family Tree
169 People; 337 Records; 100 Media

I wrote a new message to knauff, telling her that I had been able to get a list of all her trees.


I then thought I might be able to put her list on my tree log format.

Munoz collection table

These are the steps I took to put her list of trees onto my formatted table.

The Steps:


COPY – I copied the list in the “Expand”,

Expand list


PASTE – then I pasted it to a MS Word doc,

Top few trees


CREATE TABLE – then I created a table with 2 columns for the list

2 column table


DONE – and BANG it fell into place; on the screen was a table (see above) with two columns holding all tree names

So the above 4 steps will allow you to make a table with your tree list.

To put the knauff onto my formatted table I continued.

I then copied a few top rows of my table

Munoz collection table

and put it on the bottom of the page

Copy – copied the tree name columns from the new table to my format table and did the same for the stats.

The resulting chart gave me the count of 82 automatically and there are columns for #, new, Stats, Last name, Tree Name, State. (you can see the full table in the PDF)

PDF – knauff – Family Tree Table

sample of knauff table

I wrote another message to knauff and told her what I had been able to do.

I hope this “How To” lesson will help you make a table to capture the list of your many trees.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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