Genealogy Lost and Found – Erich Martin

UPDATE: From the FaceBook page we got this today (18Mar2020)

Erich Martin posted on FB about a suit case

Erich Martin

“Relatives of both families have contacted me! I’m so happy to be able to get these pics and other things back to where they belong! Thanks everyone for all your help!”

UPDATE: March 19, 2020

Erich Martin

“I am in contact with a Joshua Steele from Leavenworth, Washington, who is the great-grandson of our John Phillip Sousa!”

“I am also in contact with a Janine Ortega from Central California, who’s husband is related to Florence Young Smith!”

“If anyone would like me to send them a scanned digital copy of Florence Young Smith’s family history chart, please let me know, and I would be happy to email it to you.”

“I’d also be happy to email any Sousa family pictures as well.”

On Facebook on Monday 16, 2020, I came across a post that I think will be of interest to many people. There is an UPDATE at the bottom of this blog so check it out if this is not your first time on this blog.

Alisa Barlow shared a post from Erich Martin.

Alisa Barlow said “I am sharing in case someone knows these names.”

Here is the text that is on the above photo.

Erich Martin
March 14 2020 at 7:24 PM
In 2012-13, my niece bought an old suitcase at a yard sale in either Antioch, Oakley, or Brentwood, CA. It was full of old pictures, correspondence, and even a handwritten genealogy chart. She put it all in a box and gave it to me, because she knew that I would love going through it all to try and figure out who these people are. It took me a good part of a day to sort it all out. Most of the photos were not identified, but the photo envelopes had the name of Alda Sousa on them. There is correspondence with the name John Phillip Sousa (not the famous one) of San Leandro, CA on it. And the genealogy chart begins with the name Florence Young Smith. I’m not sure there is a connection between the two names. I would love to find a descendant of these people to give all this to. I have looked up names on FamilySearch and contacted the contributors. But please SHARE THIS POST to the far corners of Facebook! Maybe a miracle will happen! That would be so cool! You can contact me through Facebook, or (his e-mail address)

Thank you!

link to the FaceBook page
Genealogy Do-Over closed group page

The following photos are shown on the Facebook page:

There was a family tree chart among the photos and papers.

Photos below are those that were in suitcase; do you know any of these people?

      11 - sailor and woman with pearl necklace   12 - three people in photo - woman sitting

The envelope had address and of course the FB viewers jumped on that to see if they could find it.

UPDATE: By creating a Family Tree we are able to learn that the letter was written by parents home to John’s home address. Here is what we found:

John Phillip Sousa
born 1908 in California
father: Joseph
mother: Adalaide “Ida”

his profile page can be found on this Ancestry dot com Family Tree:


David Bradbury Stewart
several John Phillip Sousa’s on the tree – a possible suspect G3SK-52B

Lisa Stassforth
Write a letter to the address of the sender

Claudia Beebe Stewart
Lisa Stassforth that address is from 1949. Most likely not there anymore…but I guess always a possibility.

Lisa Stassforth
Nope still there ??

Erich Martin
Afton Lewis Any chance you could go to both these address’ and see who lives there now?

David Bradbury Stewart
Found him for sure based on the census records, he is living with his dad on the 1930 and 40 censuses at the return address – in 1940 he was married so he and his wife moved out by 49. LH1M-L35 1

Erich Martin
Yes. I found him there too.

Kioren Moss
The Linwood Way house sold last in 1975 and the one on Toler sold in 2000. The LDS Family Research Centers, especially a large one in a big city are well staffed and very helpful.

Someone found a family tree on FamilySearch —

Many people commented on the original Erich Martin post and also on the Alisa Barlow post these are some of the names I captured:

David Bradbury Stewart, Lisa Stassforth, Claudia Beebe Stewart, Kioren Moss and many more.

If you recognize any of the people in the photos please contact Erich Martin or Alisa.

I created a tree on Ancestry dot com so that I could get some hints on the persons and I got a list of ten family tree owners that had Mary Josephine Hamilton on their trees and one that just had her husband John Nelles Young.

GH & EHamilton Family Tree
Owner: Mham2_1

fran meade Family Tree
Owner: Fran Meade

John Hamilton of Concord Family Tree
Owner: Danhamilton1

NELSON or ATTWOOD plus Hines Fall Young Family Tree
Owner: Tom Nelson

NELSON or ATTWOOD plus Hines Fall family tree Gedcom 20 March 2019 (1)
Owner: Davenportmichaels

Don Poyner Family Tree
Owner: Dpoyner1944

Kinelski/Jacquemot/Torode-DNA-Howland/Wyatt/Castile-Iberian Pen
Owner: Nowkin2

Peacock, Hague & Branches Family Tree
Owner: Darla992

Owner: Dclovelady

Owner: David Faux

PS — one more tree
_JT Family Tree Cleanup
Owner: jefftowers23 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada

Like I said, I was able to find tree owners who had Mary Josephine Hamilton on their branches and I sent them each a message telling them about FaceBook query and I got several replies:

Mar 16, 2020
Thanks Jose, I’ll capture your message in a story attached to the person – Jeff

Mar 16, 2020
Hello Jose,
Mary Josephine Hamilton was married to my distant 3rd cousin 3x John Nelles Young from Ontario, Canada. Florence Young Smith was one of their three daughters, that I have found for them. Wonderful that you are trying to locate a direct line so that you can pass all this information to them. I will have a look for the name Sousa to see if I have anything. Will let you know. Darla

Mar 16, 2020
Hello Jose,
Thanks for all this info. Florence Hamilton Young Smith (Smith is her married name) is a 1st cousin twice removed to one of my 1st cousins). The Young family is through my research of the husband of my mother’s sister.
If you find a descendant of Florence you should give this to them. If not, you could send it to me and I will pass it on to my cousins. Please let me know of any costs involved.
Donald Poyner
Mississauga, Ontario


Mar 16, 2020

Thanks to all being generous with their time and energy. If it helps, The John Hamilton of Concord Family Tree shows Mary Josephine Hamilton married to John Nelles Young. whether or not there are living descendant I’m not sure, I see family members who have passed within the last 20 years. Best, Dan Hamilton


Mar 18, 2020

Hi there are family to my grama Rose

Update: This morning (16Mar2020) I created this blog post and I posted the information on FaceBook and looking at the FB page this evening there are many new items Erich found on FamilySearch and will include them here.

UPDATE: More obits have been found and put on the Ancestry dot com Family Tree: Here are the screen prints:

All the names that appear on the various items have been put on the Tags list so that the blog will be cited when a name is used in a Google search or any type of search.

For those of you who would like a copy of the names (with ID tags of FamilySearch) here is the list: Joseph M Sousa, Eva Sousa, Mary Ann Sousa, Mrs Bella Ferreira, Alda Sousa, Mrs Clare Cebral, Ida Sousa, Mrs Rose Peters, Manuel Sousa, Charles P Bannon, Mrs Mary Josephine Young, Rev Hiram Hamilton, Mrs Florence Smith, Mrs F R Claxton, Dr Leona E Young, Mills College, Eastern Star, Alameda Adelphian Club, California Supreme Court, Joseph de Souza Margado LCQK-C3Y, Adlida Figueira LZX0-FLT, Carolina M Borges LCC7-J6Q, Jose de Souza Margado LCQK-4YM, San Leandro Alameda California, Koloa Kauai Hawaii, John Figueira LDSY-DYM, Louisa Augusta De Andrade LDSY-6M9, John Philip Sousa LH1M-L35, Oakland Alameda California, Eva Caroylan Souza LH1M-LFW, Leona Esther Young GSZL-HV8, John Nelles Young KF54-3ZC, Canada, San Joaquin California, Mary Josephine Hamilton MDND-DJG, Santa Clara California, Berkeley Alameda California, Hiram Hamilton LX3S-4G3, Mary Juliet Harwood LX3S-453, Florence H Young GSZL-C22, Irma Victoria Young GSZL-668, Fritz Robertson Claxton GSZL-WXH, Marjorie H Claxton

I hope this post will be helpful to finding the family member who can identify the photos and would like to get the items in the suit case.

Feel free to comment here and I will relay it to the Facebook page.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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