How to Flip and Improve a photo or screen print of a Document

Christine on Genealogy Time Travellers (U.K. & World Wide) FaceBook group page asked the following:

“HELP NEEDED! Can anyone do a ‘mirror’ reading of this page please and tell us what it says. I can see some words like Register, London and the date 1749.”

original photo

Below are steps Christine can take to do what she is looking for by using “Microsoft Office Picture Manager” tools.

To flip the image as if in a mirror do the following:
photo flip

After you flip the photo or screen print you will see this.

original photo flipped

To make the image read better do a contrast manipulation like this:
photo contrast for better reading

Here is the finished photo, but now I want to get in close to the words so I would like to zoom in to the document.
finished flipped and darken photo

To zoom in on a section of a photo use the % tool on top like this:
400 zoom

Thank You,

I hope this will help you with your photo manipulation needs.

Jose Munoz from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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