How To Add Custom Events to Facts column on a Profile Page

In Ancestry dot com you will sometimes get some Source boxes on a profile page but there are no Facts to go along with the Source.

This may occur when you bring in a Source for a relative of the profile person such as in this case where Mary (the mother) is mentioned in two records that pertain to the son David.

custom fact 000

Since Mary is only mentioned in the record no facts will be put into her Facts column.
custom fact 001

You can put Custom Event into that column by using the ADD button.
custom fact 002

By clicking the ADD button you will get a panel that has many choices and one is Custom Event, click on that.
custom fact 003

Fill in the information boxes to give as much data for the event.
custom fact 004

We fill in the info for son’s marriage then hit ADD
custom fact 005

and also for the son’s soc sec application then hit ADD
custom fact 006

Once the ADD button has been hit we see the custom events
custom fact 007

and the Source is now tied to the Facts
custom fact 008
custom fact 009

I hope this “How To” tutorial will help you with your family tree.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

Once I posted the above “How To” tutorial, I reviewed my blog site and found three more past blog posts on the same subject. I guess I have been trying to create a good lesson for the topic.