Harriet V (Hill) Olney tree

As my readers know I create trees using the information found in newspaper items such as obituaries, anniversaries, weddings, marriages and odds and ends like “first baby of the year”. When I do find an item I like to see if I can find other items for the family and using the family tree hints I am able to get names and dates to help me find those new newspaper items.

Here is a tree that was created using the information off of Harriet V Hill Olney’s obituary.


Harriet V Hill Olney tree

As you can see Harriet is on the far right of the tree.

I started with her information and put her obit on the tree. I then found Davis Olney her husband’s obit.

Then Frank Burt’s, then Lovena Olney’s.

Then Eleanor’s obit and recently I found Mrs. F B Olney’s obit but I have not put it on the tree just yet.

For every obit that I found, I transcribed the the pertinent information onto a text file to make it easier for me to follow the information. Many obits have all the information for the person but it is scattered throughout the item and so the early years are blended with the later years and the brothers and sisters are mixed in with the children of the deceased, so a transcribed text is necessary to keep order in the tree making process.

Here is an example of an obit and the transcribed text.

obit - Mrs Goodenough Gray - Jan 1942 - Mich

Eleanor Goodenough
Mrs Humphrey S Gray

Ludington, Mason, Michigan

died Saturday
Jan 1942
in Benton Harbor

father: D. W. Goodenough (died in 1921)
mother: (died in 1916)

survived by:
widowed husband

son (1) Luman Gray

daughter (1) Emily died in 1914

husband and son are attorneys in Benton Harbor

interment: Goodenough Mausoleum
Lakeview cemetery
Ludington Daily News – Jan 19, 1942


sent to jbltrees

Notice that I have a comment at the bottom of the text file that tells me that the information has been sent to another tree owner and a link is provided for that tree. I find items and create trees for the good of the genealogy community so my job is not done until I have found some other tree that has the same persons as on the new tree. Once I find those other trees I notify them of the obit or item that I found and send them a link to the newspaper item and a link to the tree so they can come to the tree and take a copy of the items I found.

When a newspaper item is too long for the profile page of the tree to hold it, I crop the item and create a new different size item. Below you will see such cropped items; all obits in this case.

obit - Harriet V Hill - Dec 1911 - Mich

Harriet V Hill
Mrs. David Olney

born: 1839
at Keeler, Michigan

died Friday at Paw Paw
while visiting a friend

husband: Davis Olney (died six (6) years ago)
marriage: 01 Oct 1861
son F. B. Olney

her brother died last year in Oct 1910

1878 – came to Ludington

Ludington Daily News – Dec 6, 1911

see to left and up


obit - Davis Olney - Jun 22 1905 - Michigan

Davis Olney

born: 10 Jan 1839
Hartford, Michigan

died: 22 Jun 1905

spouse: Harriet V Hill
01 Oct 1861


one son (1) son: F. Burt Olney

one (1) sister: Mrs. D. W. Goodenough

one (1) brother: M. M Olney of Hartford, Mich

was the second white boy born in Hartford, Michigan

one of the oldest citizens in Ludington

had a farm in Mattanan

first place of business was at Jackson, Michigan

moved to Cadillac

01 Apr 1878 came to Ludington
Ludington Daily News – Jun 22, 1905


obit 2 - Mrs Goodenough - Jun 1916 - Michobit 3 - Mrs Goodenough - Jun 1916 - Michobit - Mrs Goodenough - Jun 1916 - Mich

Lovena Olney
Mrs. D. W. Goodenough

born: 21 Apr 1845
in Hartford, Michigan

died: 24 Jun 1916
Ludington, Mason, Michigan

father: B A Olney – NY

mother: Elvira Ely – NY

widowed husband
D. W. Goodenough

a son (1) Luman Goodenough (attorney of Detroit)

a daughter (1) Mrs. Humphrey Gray of Benton Harbor

1836 – Mr. Burrill A Olney came to Detroit, Michigan from New York
but their government land was not in Detroit but in Hartford, Michigan

1837 – Mr. B A Olney returned to NY and married then brought his bride to Michigan home.

1876 – Lovena and her husband came to Ludington

the Deaconess Rest cottage at Epworth
which is called Elvira Olney Rest cottage
in memory of her mother.
Ludington Daily News – Jun 21, 1916


obit - F Burt Olney - May 1932 - Michigan fullobit - F Burt Olney - May 1932 - Michigan

F Burt Olney


died: May 1932

Ludington Daily News – May 11, 1932


Note: I have to complete the text file for F Burt Olney.

When I send out a notice to a family tree owner I start the message telling them where on their tree they can find the person in question. This way a person with a huge tree of lets say 3,200 people will not have to hunt for the persons profile page.

Here is an example of such a letter:

On your tree purplepanther3
Fernley, Lyon, Nevada, USA:


Here is her obit —

Harriet V Hill
Mrs. David Olney

born: 1839
at Keeler, Michigan

died Friday at Paw Paw
while visiting a friend

husband: Davis Olney (died six (6) years ago)
marriage: 01 Oct 1861

son F. B. Olney

her brother died last year in Oct 1910

1878 – came to Ludington
Ludington Daily News – Dec 6, 1911

see to left and up


Notice that I have sent them the whole text file with the link so they can get to the news item.

I hope this blog post has helped you with your tree or has given you ideas that you can use in your quest for your family tree relatives.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Update: Its a small world.

While I was working on the tree and the file folder I did a search for “Olney” to find all the text files I had created for the family. I was missing some files which it turns out had been filed in a different folder than the Harriet V Hill tree folder. During the search process I came across a file in one of my many trees (1233) on which was this obit text file message: [It turns out that Joseph Williams wired the Olney home]

I am not part of the family or tree I just created a tree to find a link to some other Beebe and then I started find obits because of the dates on records and names on obit… snowball effect… so today I found this.
Feel free to take whatever you need.
Thank You.
Jose, M.Ed
from Clarkston, Michigan
Joseph Williams
age 87
born: 01 Apr 1862
in London, England
died: (23) Feb 1950
at home in Ludington, Mich
father: (Joseph Williams)
mother: (Lavena Davis)
wife: Isabelle (Belle) Dogswell
married: 07 Jul 1888 in Ludington
per FindAGrave headstone: 1872-1960
three sons:
Allan M – Ionia
Robert F – Lansing
Joseph H – Ludington
a daughter:
Nellavieve died in 1905
per FindAGrave headstone: 1896-1905
1871 – came to America with parents
first in Armprior, Ontario
1883 – moved to Manistee
1884 – moved to Ludington
worked in lumber camps as a cook
1893 – started working as electrical engineer
helped wire the first home with electric lights in Ludington, (Michigan) The Olney home.
Joseph operated an electrical shop
on West Ludington Ave
now (1950) A & P store is located there
was member of Masons
address: 507 North James St
burial: Lakeview cemetery
Find A Grave Memorial# 45274945
items in ( ) obtained from other records
On this tree:
Grace and Emily Beebe 1940 census – Mich
owner: josemunoz2546
Ludington, Michigan
Ludington Daily News – Feb 23, 1950
Cogswell Family Tree
owner:  David Bergquist
Manitowoc, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA
Kari’s Genealogy
owner: KNorthup8848KNorthup8848


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