How to share your Ancestry tree

If you have a family tree on Ancestry dot com, you can share it with a relative, to let them look at it or even work on it.

You can share your tree, even if they do not have an Ancestry account.

Mary Ann Rood on a FaceBook group page asked the question:

“Can I share my Ancestry tree?”

I thought it would be a good “How To” blog post, so after I sent her the information I used the screen prints to create this “How To” post.

To share your tree with others do the following:

Bring up the tree view:

x - how to share tree 00

Click on the name of the tree and this screen comes up.

x - how to share tree 01

Click on sharing.

x - how to share tree 02

This panel will come up when you click on sharing.

Notice that you can share the tree with other Ancestry dot com users or with people who do not have an Ancestry membership.

To share your tree with non-members you can use their e-mail address.

x - how to share tree 03

You click on Email and type in their e-mail address eg. (, then you can select their role; what role YOU want them to play on your tree.

You will also have a box where you can write them a message.

x - how to share tree 04

The three (3) roles that they can play are: Guest, Contributor or Editor.

Select one of those for the person’s role.

Each one has different actions that they can do while on the tree, so you control that, by assigning the role.

Also remember to write them a note which will appear on the e-mail that Ancestry dot com sends them, telling them that they have been invited to a tree.

x - how to share tree 05

Below is an example of a tree that was shared with four (4) people and each has a different role.

One is an Editor and can see living [all living are turned off for outside viewers of a tree but you, as owner, can control that when you share a tree].

A second is a Guest but can not see the living.

A third is a Guest who can see living and

the fourth is a Contributor who can see the living.

These people are Ancestry members and were invited to the tree using their Nicknames instead of their e-mail address.

x - how to share tree 06

So you see how easy it is to share your tree, but it is only easy if you are shown “How To”.

I sent the raw screen prints to Mary Ann but for this blog post I had to add red lines, boxes and ovals.

I hope this has helped you.

x - how to share tree 07

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

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