Name Change of Town or Village

Have you ever come across a document that has your ancient relative living in “such and such” a town, but you cannot find the town in any other record?

This is a familiar problem with ancestors who lived in the ever changing locations of Europe but it also happens for relatives living in early settlement of the United States.

Here is an interesting document (see below “Pioneer times in the Onondaga Country) that talks about just such a name change; in fact, many name changes for the location.

chart - names for town


Names of towns

So if a person was born in 1801 in “Bogardus Corners” their records for the next 24 years would have different village/town names and would be a nightmare for genealogist.

Remember to research the place where your ancestor was born, so that you will know you have the right person, if the name comes up in a different town/village than what you have on other records.

reference Wiki,_New_York

I hope this post will help you keep an eye out for name changes when you do your searches.

Thank You

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