How to fix marriage certificate input

Have you noticed that sometimes when you bring in a marriage certificate on to the Ancestry dot com profile page, not all the information gets put onto the page?


The problem occurs when you bring in the marriage cert from the parents name.


02 - marriage cert father03 - marriage cert mother

When you view the marriage cert from the child’s view we see the following

We can see that the child is William and the woman he will marry is Joan.



To Fix the problem; “How to bring in the spouse’s name into the profile page”


The first thing to do is bring up the marriage cert from William’s profile page



See the banner that says the marriage cert has been saved. Now click on “Remove”


A panel comes up giving a warning, or a second chance to think about the removal of the record.


When you click on the OK the panel showing the record was “Saved” will no longer be there.


To save the record with all the info on the profile page, click on SAVE at the bottom of page


Save to “William”

When the Save is clicked new panels come up showing us what can be put on the profile page. We click on the information box we want on the profile page.




We click on “Save to your tree”

The panel comes up showing us the record has been saved.


We then see that the spouse has been added to the profile page, which was our goal.


I hope this “How To” post will help you understand how to bring in marriage cert and how to make sure all the information gets put on to the profile page.

Remember to bring in the marriage cert from the grooms or brides name and not the panels, but if you do bring in the marriage cert through the parents and you don’t get all thin info onto the child’s profile page, you now know how to fix that.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan


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