How To – make a correction on index page

What to do when you see an error on the index page of an Ancestry dot com record.

I was working on the Linda Schrock Family tree and noticed that the mother’s name is spelled wrong on an index page (the transcript page Ancestry dot com shows to the user). Her name is “Nora Lawler” and can be verified by many other records.

Fix a transcript 001


The Mother’s name is listed as Rora Lauler.


Fix a transcript 002


When you click on the name you are brought to her index page.


Fix a transcript 003


To make a correction on the name; you first want to check the actual record.

Click on View.

Fix a transcript 004

Questions to ask when viewing the original page. Is it spelled wrong on the record and that is why the index is wrong? Or did they transcribe the index wrong because they could not clearly see the spelling of the name?


Fix a transcript 005

Fix a transcript 006

a closer look at the name shows…

Fix a transcript 007


You can see on this original that her first name “Nora” is spelled correctly but smudged. You can also see that her maiden name is spelled incorrectly as “Lauler” instead of the proper spelling of “Lawler”.

Go back to index page.

Fix a transcript 008

To fix the error you want to click on:   “Add alternate information


Fix a transcript 009


There will be a number of panels you will have to choose from.

Fix a transcript 010

Name, Gender, Race, Birth place,…

Fix a transcript 011




Fix a transcript 012


Choose the reason you are requesting a fix.


Fix a transcript 013


You choose transcription error even though her last name is spelled wrong on the original page. Since we are changing both her first name and sur name we only choose one reason.

You will be changing both names.

Fix a transcript 014

Type in the correct spelling.

Fix a transcript 015

Type in the correct spelling.

Fix a transcript 016


Type up an explanation for the change. Try to give a full description of why you think the information is wrong and needs to be fixed. Saying “because it is wrong” does not give the support people sufficient information and it also does not help the next person who views the index page. Many Index pages have changes on them with “Transcription error” as reason and it leaves you thinking, “Do I trust the new name?” “Where did they get the information?” “Do they have a source for the change?”


Fix a transcript 017


You will be then be asked if you want any of the other people’s names changed. In this case no other person will have her last name of “Lawler” so you do not check any of the boxes and simply click Apply


Fix a transcript 018


You will then be shown your changes and your explanation.


Fix a transcript 019


The correction will be made by the Ancestry dot com support people and you will be notified by e-mail of the fix.  This may take some time, but eventually it will happen.

The final screen print below shows you what your change will look like once the Ancestry dot com people have looked over your change request, and fixed the error.

Fix a transcript 020

Reminder: “When you are making a correction request, be sure to give a full explanation, instead of just saying transcription error.”


I hope this post has helped you understand how to make a correction request on Ancestry dot com records. If you have a question, please write it in the comment section and I will answer it ASAP.


Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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  1. Now, this is really cool. You are such a good citizen, Jose. We should all be this good of citizens on Ancestry and other genealogy sites :). And now I know how to do it!

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