1925 – Scotch Forced to Emigrate

The news items in old newspaper sometimes give you information about why people moved from one country to another. Here is a 1925 newspaper account of why seventy thousand people migrated from Scotland.

1925 - migration from Scotland


from the newspaper item:

“… the Lincoln Journals (says)

…The hard times in Scotland come as a part of the general depression in British trade.

The shipyards of Glasgow are idle because the world has more shipping than it can use with profit.

The jute mills of Dundee stand silent because the raw material is now worked up very largely in India.

Textile mills are running slowly on account of the general derpression in world trade.

Idle hands cannot turn to farming as they do in America because there is so little land open to profitable cultivation.

It is an industrial crisis like the occasional waves of depression that last century sent so many millions of Europeans to make their homes in the United States.”

The newspaper item name and link:

Scotch Forced to Emigrate
Hard Times; Many to U. S.

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in Ludington Daily News – Apr 21, 1925
from Ludington, Mason, Michigan

This 1925 migration brought many Scots to the USA just before the collapse of the economy, so the people were going from the frying pan into the fire but they did not see it that way in 1925. The same thing happened in many of the other countries the Scots migrated to. I wonder how the history of those countries and the history of the USA was changed because of the influx of these Scottish immigrants?

I hope this small blog post has given you some new information for your family tree.

Thank You.
Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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