1930 questions for Salter family

I was playing around with the 1930 census for Noralee and I created more questions.

In 1930 Noralee, age 4, lives with her mother (Theresa) and they live at the home of Theresa’s parents, along with Theresa’s sister (Lucille) and her husband (Russell Frost).

1930 - Theresa Salter and dau with parents Doyle

I checked the date that the 1930 census was taken to give us a reference point

1930 census - in Saginaw Michigan 2

I made a screen print of the tree to show who lived there in 1930 as the last names are not the same.

1930 census - in Saginaw Michigan

I noted the address and looked for the family members in the city directory for 1930.

All are at the address in the 1930 Saginaw City Directory except for Theresa Salter. Maybe Theresa does not have a job or income. [City Directories usually just listed people with jobs, private income or homes.]

[Theresa may not have a job because this is April of 1930 and the Great Depression stock market crash occurred in Oct of 1929 — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wall_Street_Crash_of_1929]



So if Theresa and four (4) year old Noralee live in Saginaw, where is Edward Salter?

I found them living in Detroit in 1927.

Listing: “Salter, Edw (Theresa) toolmkr h574 Brainard Apt 30”

but there is no listing for 1928 and they are not there in 1929.

Edward was born in Canada, so did he go to Canada to find work?

Since I was looking at the City Directories for 1929, I figured I would look at the City Directory for Saginaw, Michigan in 1929.

City Dir - 1929 - Saginaw, Mich

We find that Lucille is working at Montgomery Wards (or Monkey Wards as my father-in-law used to call it). Her last name is still Doyle so she is not yet married to Russell.

Listing: “Doyle Lucille O clk Montgomery Ward & Co r1513 Gratiot av”

Jas (James) Doyle must have income or owns his home because he is listed along with his wife Nora, in the 1929 Saginaw City Directory.

Listing: “Doyle Jas A (Nora J) h1513 Gratiot av”

Note: the address “1513 Gratiot” on census and City directory match.

[a side note: on Google Map they have Gratiot Ave, court and road but the ave and court are the same, while the road is way off to the west of Saginaw.]

So we’ve learned a few things with this study but opened up some holes in the history of the Schrock Family Tree.


  1. Where was Edward Salter in 1930?
  2. Where did Edward and Theresa live between 1927 and 1930?
  3. When do we find the Salter family together again? We know they lived at 2676 Springle, Detroit, Mich in 1940 per baby death certificate (see below)
  4. Where did Lucille and Russell live after 1930?

For My Blog Readers: I hope this gives you some new ideas for sorting through your family tree history.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Here is the 1940 death cert for baby Salter that is mentioned in question 3.

Copy of Baby Salter age 5 days - son of Edward and Theresa 30 Apr 1940

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