Home Person on Ancestry dot com Family Tree

I am working on a tree for a dear friend and we changed editors on the tree, so I wanted to tell her that since she was the new editor I had also made her the new home person.

I thought the steps I outlined for Lois would benefit my blog readers, so I made the letter a blog post.

Hi Lois,

I changed the home person on the tree, from Linda to you (Lois).

Now your branch will be highlighted when you click on the “home icon” on the left of the tree. (the screen print below shows what the home icon looks like.)

Your profile box will change color [from white to black] and no matter who you were looking at before you hit the home icon, your branch will be the one shown.

Example:  you are viewing the Nora branch — her profile box is black (see below) also notice that the home icon is bright, meaning it is not selected.

Notice that Nora’s branch is shown but not Leroy’s, her husband

Then you click on the “home” icon on the left side of the page and now the Lois profile box is black and the home icon is dim, meaning it has been selected.

you notice that now the Lois branch of the tree is shown, which shows the full branches of her parents Nora and Leroy. [you can compare the two pictures to get a feel for what is happening.]

Also, since Lois is the home person and I told the system that I am Lois; now you will see the relationship of any person on the tree.

Look at their profile page and you will see how they are related to you [Lois] (see below how Thomas J Lawler is related to you).

I hope this short tutorial will help you with your tree and that you made a note of how you can change the home person on your tree. If you have a huge tree, with many branches, you can change the home person to someone on a working branch, so you can tell at a glance how people are related to each other.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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