1918 – Fire at Hospital – Norman, Oklahoma

In the early morning of Saturday, April 13, 1918 a fire broke out at the State Hospital in Norman, Oklahoma.

When the fire finally consumed the structures and the fire was out, the bodies of 40 people were found.

One was identified but the 39 others were placed in wooden boxes and interred in a mass grave.

In 1918, a family member who was placed in a mental hospital was usually dead to the family and he/she was never talked about. So the 39 bodies of all boys or men were placed in the common grave and forgotten. Not even a marker was placed over the grave.

It took 96 years until the grave was finally found and a proper burial and memorial was erected in 2014 for those 39 souls.

I was doing some research for a Greenwalt family member and came across a “Claud Greenwalt” in the Find A Grave web site.

LInk: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Greenwalt&GSiman=1&GScid=1057310&GRid=34736607&

I forgot about Claud and now just wanted to learn more about the fire and the names on the marble slab.

I found many quick references to the fire in history web sites but none that had an orderly list of the names on the memorial slab.


The memorial slab lists the names but they are not in a smooth alphabetical order that members of the family can easily find.

I decided to create a list so that family members would be able to identify their relatives. I wanted the names to be captured in search requests and the slab does not do that for the family.

I hope this list will help you find that illusive relative that is mentioned in records but then just vanishes… maybe he will be found on this list.


Norman, Oklahoma State Hospital Fire

13 April 1918

Altgeld William
Anno Thomas
Austin Chester
Babbington Elmore
Breedlove Henry
Brown Eugene
Creston John
Davis Herman
Eckles Walter
Ewing Willie
Fanning Robert L.
Frank Richard Thomas
Greenwalt Claud
Grose Robert
Gvasdanogitch Pete
Herring Ira
Holmes Gilbert
Hurst William Chesley
Johnson William
Litrell Stephen
Matheny George
Mattoon John V.
Maxwell Richard
Miller Ben
Pinix H.M.
Regnier George
Roop C.I.
Russell Thomas
Smith Ernest B.
Smithers Claud
Stewart William H. Sr.
Tatum Charlie
Teague Secrist
Vawter Boon
Waterman Joseph
Waton Edgar
West Joe S.
Wheat Steve
White Charley


Thank You


Jose from Clarkston, Michigan


text file of names:


Altgeld, William

Anno, Thomas

Austin, Chester

Babbington, Elmore

Breedlove, Henry


Brown, Eugene

Creston, John

Davis, Herman

Eckles, Walter

Ewing, Willie


Fanning, Robert L.

Frank, Richard Thomas

Greenwalt, Claud

Grose, Robert

Gvasdanogitch, Pete


Herring, Ira

Holmes, Gilbert

Hurst, William Chesley

Johnson, William

Litrell, Stephen


Matheny, George

Mattoon, John V.

Maxwell, Richard

Miller, Ben

Pinix, H.M.


Regnier, George

Roop, C.I.

Russell, Thomas

Smith, Ernest B.

Smithers, Claud


Stewart, William H. Sr.

Tatum, Charlie

Teague, Secrist

Vawter, Boon

Waterman, Joseph


Waton, Edgar

West, Joe S.

Wheat, Steve

White, Charley


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Click to access 1918%20fire%20victims%20memorial%20ceremony.pdf


13 Apr 1918



buried at 100F Memory Garden Cemetery


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