Search Engines

I saw this web title “Michigan Cemetery Transcriptions” and I wanted to review it, so I put it in a Yahoo search and got a lot of hits.

Since there were so many Michigan web pages on the list of hits, I posted the results on my FB page for my genealogy friends. I then wondered if there were other search engines that I could have used besides “Yahoo” or “Google”.

I found a web page that listed 15 search engines and another that listed the top 10 search engines, so I put a search for “Michigan Cemetery Transcriptions” in several of the search engines.

Below are screen shots of the results. Most are of page 1 of the results but some are of page 5 or page 10 of the results. You will note that many of these are business related, targeting web business needs.

A study will have to be done to figure out what strategy each of these search engines uses.  More work yet to do but this is a start to help you learn a bit about search engines.

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Below are some links to the search engine lists.

Top 15 Most Popular Search Engines | July 2017

List of search engines

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Best Search Engines of 2017

List of Search Engines


I hope this post will help you with your search for family members on your Family Trees.

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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