How To type in a search command

A FaceBook user asked me if one can do a search on the Google News Archive Collection.

I put together two screen prints for demo. and wrote the following “How To”.

Once you are on a newspaper page, you can do a search in the box shown on the photo screen of page.

I typed in the name Willow in the box and hit enter. The system added the “site…”


The system gave me all the possible Willow in the various newspapers.

Notice the different years for the news item.

But remember the search command on Google News Archive will only find the items that are highlighted to be found.

Not all words, names, dates are found if they have not been highlighted to be found.

When you run the mouse over the page, only certain words will  light up, these are the words that are found when doing a search.

highlighted on page 2

highlighted on page

So if the person’s name, you are searching for is in the news item of “Other deaths”, their name will not be found in your search because the name was not highlighted to be found. Google has been finding more and more search terms but they are a long way from 100% searchable collection. Since it is a free site, I do not complain about the extra work it takes to find something.

That is why I always have to do a physical search, page by page, to find what I am looking for. [Here is a “How To work with Google News Archive” —]

Many of the newspaper collections will have a structure to them, so you can find the obit section in the same location; for example on page three of all the years, or the marriage items will always be found on page two. But that is not a fast rule as I’ve seen Obits on the front page of the newspaper but the person is not listed in the obit section.

Once you find one item in the newspaper, it is easy to find other items for that family if you have a date and if they have lived in the area for a number of years and the newspaper collection is complete. Some newspaper collections will have the complete year or month while other will be missing months or days of the month. Again no fast rule here. (See some of the examples in the blog)

If you know a date and location you should be able to find a newspaper collection to read and find what you are looking for. That is how I found 1000+ stories and created trees to hold the screen prints of the obit, marriage, anniversary, award given, murder, accident or new born. I have posted many examples on my blog, so feel free to browse the posts and see what can be found if you are patient with the system.

I hope this has answered the question:

Is there a way to look at these newspapers for a name or do you research each one and see what you find.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan, USA

Additional information provided by Darlene Wilson on FaceBook group page called “Genealogy”. Someone asked “How to do a Google Search” and Darlene posted the following link: —

The web site has many good tips about doing a search on Google.

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  1. Jose, my cataracts are bothering me today for some reason, but I am ok reading other blogs right now. Your post, though, is smaller print and I just can’t read it. I think I am going to need to print it to read it because I want to see what you have to say about this!

    1. I am so sorry you are hurting. You can read it some other time, since it is just a How To post and you already know how to do it.

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