Small items in newspapers – Nettie Bedker

Small items in newspapers can provide the crucial clues you need to build a tree or a branch on your tree. The following small item from the 1913 Ludington, Michigan newspaper gave me two names (clues)

Mrs Glenn Willis visited by sister Nettie Bedker 1913

and I was able to build a tree and populate it with 38 people and still have 225 hints that I can look at.

Nettie Bedker Family Tree

So don’t over look small items in newspapers.

Here is the link to the small item:

Once I had created the tree and found more family members, I also found more items in the newspaper such as these.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have access to Ancestry dot com then you can view the tree:

name: Nettie Bedker spent weekend at sisters 1913 – Mich

owner: josemunoz2546


I hope this will help remind you not to overlook the small items.

Thank You

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