Capture info off of newspaper obit – in text format

Here is another example of how I capture the information off of a newspaper obit. Notice the structure of the text layout; name, dates, parents, family members, bio info, interment – Also notice the file name I create, on Notepad, to hold the obit text.

Ruth Lundquist

age 24

born: 15 Aug 1907

died: Aug 1931 Friday

of Tuberculosis

at sister’s home

father: Albert Lindquist

sister: Mrs. Tom Tatcher (Thatcher)


Parents: Mr and Mrs. Lundquist

six (6) sisters

Irene – Flint teacher there

Mrs. Thatcher – Ravenna

Alice – Ludington

Mona Marie – Ludington

Florence – Ludington

Lyla – Ludington

five (5) brothers

Clinton – Sparta

Satnley – Ludington

Clifford – Ludington

Wesley – Ludington

Carl – Ludington

Ruth was a teacher in Grand Rapids

in Jan entered Kalamazoo college

The family moved here Ludington from Ravenna

1925 took over the John Filbrun farm east of city

funeral in Ravenna on Monday

interment at Ravenna


Ludington, Michigan

Ludington Daily News – Aug 23, 1931, Sunday


I add my comments in ( ) so that I know what is in obit and what is corrected or added. Many times you want to keep the misspellings that appear in the newspapers because the reporters might have files under that misspelled name and if you look for the correct name you may not find any information.

I hope this will help you gather information off of the obituaries you find.

Thank You

UPDATE: I found some trees for Ruth and sent them the obit info. I also started a tree on Ancestry dot com to see what other information I could find for Ruth’s family. Here is the link if you have an account on Ancestry —

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