Group Pages on FaceBook

Here is what the FaceBook Genealogy group pages can do for YOU.

Besides posts of old photos and posts of people asking for help with a brick wall, a FaceBook group page can provide the many additional sets of eyes, to help answer your questions. In the example below you will see 16+ people replied to the query.

Below is one such case, with a “SOLVED” message at the end. It was posted in Nov of 2016 but someone made a comment today (Mar 17 2017) so it was brought up to the top of the “Michigan Genealogy Network” FaceBook page.

Next is the text of the above screen print, in case people wanted to copy some of the information.

Mary Kay Seekings

August 22, 2016 · Derry, NH

Thank you for adding me to the group. I have a question that may not be easy to explain or answer – my mom had a stillborn son in the 1940s – I am not sure of the exact date but there are two baby boys buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Detroit and I think one of them might be my brother. I went to the office and they gave me exact dates of both births; they don’t have parent names, just the name of the funeral home. I researched the funeral home and found out it was sold, records burned and the current funeral director tried to tell me the records were kept in a hospital in Detroit that closed long ago.

I am curious if anyone might know if stillbirths were recorded in hospitals, the Wayne county offices or the State of Michigan vital records office. Were they tracked back then (as now) as fetal deaths and not “births” since they were not actually “born”?

My mom died 20 years ago and she never knew where the baby was buried; she said my dad took care of the arrangements. I am only seeking final closure of a Baby Boy born into my family that has no name and no death date. I can assume the one I believe is my brother based on the date that makes more sense, but it would be nice to find out the names of the parents and that would come from the “birth” or “fetal death” certificate. No one still alive has any clue or knowledge of the circumstances of this stillborn baby.

What is your opinion on the best way to search? Thank you.


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Mary Kay Seekings Thanks for all the suggestions everyone !! I am finding things now I never knew existed .. I get lost when I just keep going from one website to another — but it’s worth it !!

·  · 3 · August 24, 2016 at 6:23pm

Mary Kay Seekings Just to follow up on this search – I did get the death certificate from Macomb County Vital Records. The Baby Boy buried at Mt. Olivet with the date January, 1945 has been confirmed to belong to my family. The only surprise was the notation of 7.5 months stillbirth. I always assumed it was full-term. Thank you everyone for the suggestions on how to find this record.

·  · 5 · November 5, 2016 at 9:12pm


Sunny Radel Easton So glad you were able to find out for sure.

·  · 2 · 9 hrs [March 17 2017]

I hope this post has given you some more information and some entertainment. For me it is a rare uplifting FaceBook post from Nov of 2016.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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