Israel Zangwill

When searching for your family members in old newspapers, take the time to capture photos or drawings of other people, just in case their family might like to have the item. I was looking for the obit of eleven year old Chester B Rea in a 1900 New Jersey newspaper when I saw this wonderful photo of Israel Zangwill.

The column or item is not highlighted so his family would never find it doing a search for his name. I did a search in Ancestry for a family tree with him on it and found one created by “assemblyorder”. I sent the link to the tree owner and explained that I was not part of the family and that I had just seen the item and thought his family should know about it. Maybe this will be the only photo they have of their relative or maybe they already know about the newspaper item, but it makes no difference.

I was going to move on to do my regular work but then decided to go ahead and capture the item myself and put it on the web for others to see and find in a search.



Information off of and about news item:

Israel Zangwill
born 1864 in London
Paterson, N. J.
The Sunday Chronicle – Aug 27, 1899

See to the left of this link:

Information about the family tree I found and contacted:
Family Tree
link to the profile page on tree

I hope this has given you some new information and a hint on how to help others.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan