Tramps on the railroad – 1900

If you can’t find information for a relative on the tree, then maybe he or she was a tramp, who was killed and buried in an unknown grave.

Here is a story that has five tramps being killed, while stealing a ride, on the B. & O. R. R. —


I copied the story and created two tree for the two men killed and named in the news item. There is nothing I could do for the five tramps who were also killed, but maybe someone will be able to use this story to track one of the tramps back to their family tree.

Now here are some hints, that might help your work, on your family tree(s).

When you want to put a newspaper item on a tree; such as the long item above, sometimes you have to cut and paste it, to make it fit better.  See how the long item above has been cropped to fit better on the tree. I also added information in red, to help the viewer of the tree.


If you find an item like the long train crash item above and it has the names of your relative, always look for other newspaper items having similar or additional items about that relative. I found two additional items for George Loeb —

[Note: links to all items are supplied below.]

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I hope this post has given you some new information and will help you with your tree(s).

Thank You

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Original newspaper item was in Youngstown Vindicator.

Youngstown, Ohio
Youngstown Vindicator – May 12, 1900

Additional item were in Aurora Daily Express and Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette.

Aurora, Illinois
Aurora Daily Express – May 14, 1900

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette – May 15, 1900

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