Tree for Mary Jane Mathews Basore – obit 1898 – Ohio

On May 31, 1898 there was a small obituary for Mary Jane Mathews, aka Mrs. M. J. Basore in the “Mansfield Daily Shield” newspaper.

The next day June 1, 1898 another item about her appeared in the newspaper but this one also contained a biography of her father Rev. William Mathews.

(See below for links and further information about the newspapers)

Using the info provided in the two (2) items I was able to create a family tree on Ancestry dot com.

If you have an account with Ancestry then you can get to the tree.


created a tree: Mrs. M. J. Basore Mathews Obit Ohio 1898


Once the tree was created, I used the hints provided by Ancestry dot com and Family Search dot org, to fill out the tree branches for seven generations of the family.

I was only going to put the original two (2) items on the tree and move on to other trees, but I kept finding more items to put on and I hated to see an empty branch.

Here is what the tree looks like; just for reference purposes, I don’t expect you to be able to read the details on this blog posting.


Here are the items I put on the tree. I either found them on a newspaper, created them from other documents, copied them from other trees or created them from the Find A Grave web page.

Note: At the end of this blog you will be able to see the item citations.

  1. bio for Rev. William Mathews on Mary Jane death notice


  1. obit for Mary Jane Mathews


  1. death notice for child of Mary Jane


  1. Grave for Dorothy Basore


  1. Death cert for Ellis Simon Winner


  1. marriage for Ellis Simon Winner & Opha Runyon


  1. obit for Opal L Winner


  1. marriage for Opal L Winner & Nathaniel B Sears


  1. grave on Find A Grave for Leonard R Sears


  1. I then pulled off the obit


  1. but then I found another user had posted the original and better copy of the obit so I used that on the tree.


  1. obit for James Sears


Creating the tree branches for the seven generations resulted in branches for the following last names:

Basore, Beam, Harris, Mathews, Maxwell, Runyon, Sears, Sharkey, Smalley, Winner

I am posting this story so that Mary Jane Mathews’ family will find her and will have access to all the items that are posted on the tree. If you cannot get to the tree and would like access to it let me know in the comment section below.

I find it frustrating to see an obituary which says “She was the ninth child of…” but the names of the other children are not given. At least for this tree there were other items that contained useful information. In the biography of her father, two other children are mentioned, Newton and Cyrus but no other information about them.

I was also able to determine that Newton and Cyrus were born prior to 1813 (see story in tree file or the PDF here) but even having that information did not lead me to other information about them.


I could have spent more time on the tree as there 339 new hints waiting to be looked at, but I have other duties to attend to so I will leave the tree as it is for now. Maybe some relative will ask to take over the work and he/she can fill in all the holes.

I hope this has given you some information and entertainment.

Thank You

Jose, M.Ed

from Clarkston, Michigan


Additional information below.

Item about Mrs M. J. Basore

Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield Daily Shield – May 31, 1898


Mrs. M. J. Basore died Monday (30 May) at home of her daughter, Mrs. S. Beam, 503 South Main (Mansfield, Richland, Ohio, USA). She was 77 years of age. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., conducted by Rev. L. G. Batman of the Christian Church.

Pg 2 Col 4

down and to the left in next col from this link:


Obit of Mrs M. J. Basore

Page 5


Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield Daily Shield – Jun 1, 1898


Obit is down from this link in this column.

Look for: Mrs M. J. Basore


Info with citations on the items on tree and blog

O = obit      G = FindAGrave      D = document

O 1. Rev. William Mathews & Mary Maxwell

O 2. Mary Jane Mathews & Henry Basore

G 3. Dorothy Basore & Lewis Winner

D 4. Ellis Simon Winner & Opha Runyon

O 5. Opal L Winner & Nathaniel B Sears

O 6. Leonard R Sears & Barbara Sharkey

O 7. Donald, Richard, James Robert and Wendy Sears

The item were created and post on tree.

O 1 – josemunoz2546 posted on 16 Aug 2013

O 2 – josemunoz2546 posted on 16 Aug 2013

G 3 – Kathy Swartzfager Scott created a memorial page 61195633

D 4 – Family Search Photo Copy of death cert

O 5 – Linda Angel originally shared this on 21 Sep 2014

O 6 – Linda Angel originally shared this on 21 Sep 2014

O 7 – Linda Angel originally shared this on 21 Sep 2014


The Stats for the tree are:


People 36

Photos 24

Stories 1

Records 74

Audio 0

Videos 0


All people with hints 32

All hints 339

Record hints 134

Photo hints 169

Story hints 4

Member tree hints 328

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