Whittlesey Family in the news

Many times you will find other items, in the same newspaper, about the family. I found one obit and once I created a tree to hold it, I was able to find several more items.


I found Harry’s obit and put it on a tree, I then found his wife Stella’s obit. As I added more people to the tree I was able to get some death dates for some of the people from other trees and that gave me clues as to where I should look for items. None of these came through as simple searches, I had to look for them by flipping through the newspaper. One of the items was even scanned on it’s side so I had to crop it and manipulate it to get it upright to put on the tree.

Here are the items I found:

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Tree Name: Harry Whittlesey age 84 obit Jan 1979 – Conn


I hope this blog post will help you find your relatives. Maybe one of these people is part of your family.

Thank You.

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