What IF?

Should a, Would a, Could a, What IF?

History gives us some interesting topics for speculation. We read about the Lincoln Assassination and wonder what if he had lived, or never been elected?

Here is such a story about Hitler.

I have never heard this story but what if he had died in this train accident? What If?




Hitler’s Train Hits Bus; 14 Are Dead
Berlin, Dec 15 – AP
Ludington, Michigan
Ludington Daily News – Dec 15, 1934


What stories in History do you wonder about, aside from “What if Trump had lost the primaries?” “What if Bernie had won?”.

I mean past stories like; “Lt. Washington killed in French and Indian Wars”, or “Oswald was almost shot today but ABC camera man stopped a man named Ruby”…  What about; “…a small group of Confederate soldiers where captured just outside of Gettysburg and thus alerted the Army of Virginia which then moved into block any further Confederate troops from entering the area.” “The new liner ‘Titanic’, arrived safely in port at New York City, with tales of near disaster. The unsinkable was nearly brought down by an Ice berg but keen eyes of first mate saved the day.” Oh I know, what about “the Supreme Court today has refused to hear the case Gore v. Bush and so the counting in Florida continues.”

There are many “what if’s” in history, in our family trees and in our own lives and if we looked at them from time to time perhaps we would make better choices. What if great-grandpa Harry had not run off to the circus, where he met great-grandma Gertie?

What are your “what if” moments?

I hope this posting has given you some entertainment and  some food for thought.

Thank You.

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