1925 Iowa state census

The 1925 Iowa state census has names of persons, age, occupation and also the names of parents.

Take a look at the form here on this free FamilySearch web site.



I typed in Brown as last name just to get a list of records. I then clicked on the camera on the far right side of the page.


Here is the full page


Zoom in on name to read it.


click to the next page using the arrows on top left. The image 777 will change to 778.

Notice how the pages line up and you can read the persons name and also the parents names and information. You can also look for the item number on the far left edge of the page and match it with the item number in the middle of the page.

Get to know what each census year contains so that you will be able know what to look for when viewing the 1880, 1900, 1910 and even this 1925 Iowa State census. You now know to look at the 1925 Iowa census if you do not have your Iowa relatives parents names.

There are many state census records available, you just have to search for them.

I hope this little post will help you with your Iowa family tree.

Thank You.

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