Shot in Texas

Sometimes a small story in a newspaper will have a relative’s name. Here is one small item from Gonzales, Texas in the Jan 2, 1930 Warsaw, Indiana newspaper.

This little piece gives us three names, their occupations, where they worked and the date they lived there.

J. F. Tate, city night watchman

A. C. Strickling, deputy sheriff

another deputy sheriff found them shot in an ally.
Deputy Sheriff Ruel Vasburg said Tate told him before he died, that Strickling…then opened fire without another word. Tate was shot three (3) times, Tate shot Strickling five (5) times.

Name and Link to newspaper:
Warsaw, Indiana
Warsaw Union – Jan 2, 1930

Always look at small news items because sometimes they will hold valuable information.

Thank You.

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