Events in History Intervened – NW Flight 2501

On Sunday September 18, 2016 I was at the Clarkston, Michigan Arts in Park and I was talking to J. Ryan Fenzel about his book “Allied In Irons“.


The mystery novel uses the 1950 plane crash in Lake Michigan, where 58 people died, as the focal point for a fictional mystery. I asked J. Ryan why this plane crash was not well known and he said the news story about the crash got overshadowed by events in history.  The plane crashed on the evening of June 23 1950 and it was reported on June 24th, 25th and 26th, but on June 27 1950, the Korean War started, and the news was then focused on other things.


The news about the plane crash was covered in many newspapers; these two Ludington newspapers are just a small sample. Ludington Daily News June 24 1950 and June 26 1950.



If events in history had not intervened maybe the crash of Northwest Airlines flight 2501 would be better known by Michigan citizens.

Learning about the crash and buying the book “Allied In Irons” motivated me to do some basic research on the topic. I found many web sites and blogs about the Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 by doing a search for “flight 2501 lake Michigan”.


Unsolved mystery: Location of Flight 2501 that disappeared over Lake Michigan eludes searchers 63 years later


Wisconsin News

Volunteers try to solve mystery of 1950 plane crash in Lake Michigan

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I hope this short post will give you a better understanding of why some Top News items seem to disappear from the front pages, just like NW flight 2501 disappeared over Lake Michigan.

Thank You.

Jose A. Munoz, M.Ed
Clarkston, Michigan