Champion Farmers

See update below; added on 20 Jul 2017.

At an art show I bought some items that had been picked up at an estate sale. There are many Firestone Tire booklets with interviews of farmers. One is a book of 26 interviews.


On the pages below notice the different states that these farmers come from. Each farmer talks about a different subject concerning farming or raising live stock. (topic chart below)



26 Interviews with Champion Farmers –

on Firestone Voice of the Farm Radio Programs

Name Location Topic
William G Bedsworth Fulton, Missouri Terracing
Carl B Bender New Brunswick, New Jersey Grass Silage
Harry L Chadwick Columbiana, Ohio Potatoes
Paul Fisher Carmel, Indiana Ton Litter of Pigs
Perry B Gaines Carrollton, Kentucky Jersey Cattle
Jay Gelder Chazy, New York Apples
Asa Gresham Smyrna, Tennessee Lespedeza
Ralph L Heilman Hope, Indiana Corn
Leslie E Mathers Mason City, Illinois Shorthorn Cattle
Fred McCullock Belle Plaine, Iowa Oats
George McKerrow Pewaukee, Wisconsin Sheep
Ralph R McUmber Greenfield, Tennessee Strawberries
Dan E Miller – of Crapo Farm Swartz Creek, Michigan Hereford Cattle
Darwin L Neal Mansfield, Pennsylvania Poultry
George M Newlin Farmington, Michigan Cesor Farms
A C Oosterhuis Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Holstein – Friesian Cattle
Adolph Pirani Marion, Arkansas Cotton
William E Riegel Tolono, Illinois Soy Beans
George Schmidt Delmar, Iowa Beef Cattle
Albert F Schroeder Prospect, Wisconsin First Set of Firestone Tractor Tires
Harry S Smith Coupeville, Washington Wheat
Paul Stiefboldt Naperville, Illinois Plowing
Fred Strickler Hutchinson, Kansas Ayrshire Cattle
Sarah Ann and John Tolan Pleasant Plaines, Illinois Aberdeen – Angus
David G Wing Mechanicsburg, Ohio Alfalfa
August Ziesing Deerfield, Illinois Guernsey Cattle

I will continue updating this posting with new information that I will glean from the pages of this 36 page booklet. In the mean time I’ve found a Wiki page and an Amazon sales page.

The Voice of Firestone Radio Program – Wiki web page

26 Interviews with Champion Farmers Volume II (On Firestone Voice of the Farm Radio Programs) Paperback – 1939


I hope you will find your family member on these pictures or maybe just a last name.

Thank You.

Jose A. Munoz, M.Ed
Clarkston, Michigan

I was asked by Ryan Eades in a comment (see below), if the copy of the Harry L Chadwick interview was available. Here it is. I left it on its side so that the text would be large. —

I hope Ryan will be able to copy these for his family tree files.

Thank You