Capture Ancestry dot com records

I was at a 50th high school reunion luncheon and an old classmate asked me for help with her tree. I created a tree for Toni with the information she gave me and thought I was done, but no. She asked me to send her print out of all the records that were on the tree. I don’t have a printer so I had to think of some other way of getting her the records and here is what I came up with; a How To instruction blog post. This is for Ancestry dot com family trees and the edition as of August 2016.

The first thing you do is bring up the record you want.

How To get records 001

2. Click on the top right Save button.

How To get records 002

3. When you click on “Save to your computer” you get the next screen.

How To get records 003

4. Notice on this screen it shows you how the record will be open the click OK.

How To get records 004

5. Now that you have the record on your screen you click on File.

How To get records 005

6. Then click on Save As…

How To get records 006

7. Notice that it will be saved in a Temp folder but you want it in your picture file.

How To get records 007

8. So as you see above you click on My Documents and a list of folders comes up.

How To get records 008

9. You will then be able to save the record with a name you want “1920 census…” and it will be saved in you picture file or some other folder where you want the family tree records.

So you can copy the family tree records or screen prints that you find in the individual profile pages and put them in a folder that you have on your computer.

As I mentioned above I created a family tree for Toni and I forgot to mention that I put her on the tree as Editor so she could work on her own tree. As editor she can follow these
“How To” steps and copy all the records or Screen Prints off of the tree. I’ve sent her ten (10) records using this method and I would have continued sending the other 41 records or files but I will not have the time to do so.

I hope this will help Toni and many more people who are new to Ancestry dot com.

Thank You.



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