History in newspaper

An old newspaper does not have to be very old to give us good information for our family tree. It also does not have to be printed in our ancestors’ community to have news about their local news. Take for instance this January 1990 Alaskan newspaper.


1- This Week



It is a weekly newspaper which serves many communities:


2 - masthead


This weekly Alaskan newspaper serves many communities (24), as did and do many small newspapers that you find on line. So don’t give up if you can’t find a newspaper with your town or county name in the masthead; it might be served by some other newspaper in the state or adjoining state.


It is also running an item called “This Week in Alaska History” and it has some interesting information. (link to web page is at bottom of this blog post).


3 - History


History is important to your family tree because it gives you markers in the life of your ancestors by which you can track their movements.


For example in this newspaper they state the following: “(1905) The U.S. Forest Service was established” and if you put this in your notes for your family tree, it might help you solve the mystery as to why Uncle Benny left his comfortable job at the hotel in Chicago which he had in 1900 and in 1910 is up in northern Wisconsin working as a lumberjack. Clues in history may help you solve your family mysteries.


Thank You


Jose, M.Ed

from Clarkston, Michigan


Additional info and link to item


Published Weekly at

Thorne Bay, Alaska


Serving Prince of Wales Island and

Cape Pole, Coffman Cove, Craig, Edna Bay, Happy Harbor, Hollis, Hydaburg, Kasaan, Klowock, LaBouchere Bay, Long Island, Meyers Chuck, Naukati, Nichen Cove, Point Baker, Port Alice, Port Protection, Smith Cove, Thorne Bay, Twelve-Mile Arm, View Cove, Waterfall, Whale Pass


Southeast Alaska’s Island News – Jan 29, 1990


Link to Item:




By Jose A Munoz

Retired General Motors designer who now works on subjects dealing with genealogy. I create trees using items I find in old Google News Archive newspapers and I contact other tree owners notifying them about the news item concerning their relative and send them a link to the tree I created. I post a screen print of the news item on the tree for others to copy, so that my work will benefit others. Occasionally, I will post about the tree I created or the item that I found, always with a "how to" in-bedded in the post. I want my blog posts to help others with their family trees or with their genealogy experiences.

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