Schwartz Family History

I was helping my sister with her house moving work; carrying boxes to garage, emptying cabinets for movers to take… etc. and she showed me a Family Tree book she had stored in one of the many “safe” places one has around the house.

Olive Mae 1984 reunion 01

I asked her if I could take the book home with me and transcribe it into where I do all my Family Tree work. She said okay and then gave me two other pictures and other handwritten sheets of papers with family info on the Schwartz family (her husbands line)

picture 010

On her husbands line, a Schwartz married a Cousineau, so my sister had info on the two branches.

Once I got back home, I started putting the information onto a newly created tree, then sent an e-mail to others in my sisters family telling them of all the wonderful records I was finding. I also told them that I had found eight other family trees on that had either Schwartz and/or Cousineau on their branches.

This work and my e-mails got some others to write me about what I was doing and Joe Schwartz my sister’s son sent me the following web page link.

This link has the Schwartz history back to Germany, before any of them settled in Nova Scotia where the Schwartz in America seems to have originated. All the generations are listed with names and dates that I did not have on any of my other documents.

I guess one has to communicate with others in the family in order to get information. Maybe we can pool all these bits of information together to come up with a HUGE volume of family history.

The reason I post this is to remind you that you must share your information with others even if others don’t volunteer their information. If you are doing, have done, or are thinking of doing a family tree or family history then the first thing you should do is contact the family and tell them what you are doing so that they all can contribute. And remember a contribution can be a statement like “I don’t know why you are doing all this, since uncle Harry already has all this stuff”. Time to contact uncle Harry.

Thank You.



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  1. Wow, great stuff. Yes, communication helps. I have found, though, that nobody in my actual family communicates much with me on this stuff. Shirttail relatives who have found me through the blog or through Ancestry, yes.

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