Canadian Newspapers – English Only

Update list now Rev 07 – 06 April 2017 – Canadian Newspapers English – link

Since the Google News Archive and my Enhanced list were arranged in alphabetical order by name of newspaper, I thought it would be useful to arrange the newspapers by states, so I created a chart which has only the newspapers published in The United States and arranged by States. USA Only Table

Screen Print USA Only
Screen Print USA Only

After having created the USA only Google newspaper listing I had hoped to do the same with the Canadian newspapers from the Google News Archive collection. The Canadian newspapers are published in both English and French; I wanted to group the list so that one could have a list of French Only and English Only newspaper.

Well it took me almost four years to get to it but I have now created a English only Canadian newspaper list. In this “English Only – Canada newspaper” table there are approximately 400 newspapers.

This list is in a pdf format.

Please let me know of any error you encounter so I can fix them in a timely manner.

Newspaper Canada English ONLY 30Apr2016 – Revision 7

This an updated version and is a work in progress.

Thank You.

Jose A. Munoz, M.Ed
from Clarkston, Michigan

4 thoughts on “Canadian Newspapers – English Only

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  1. This is very generous of you to have done this and it’s most appreciated. Thanks!

    The same for the French side would be great too if/when you manage to do it.

    1. You’re welcome… It took me four (4) years to get around to the Canadian English Only table so if you check back in 2020 then maybe I will have started the Canadian French only… No, just kidding, I plan on doing the same for the French/Others newspapers but it just takes much longer when you don’t know the language… What does Ontario look like in Hebrew? I might just publish what I already have and that is the preliminary first take that has been sitting in my files.
      Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and for sending me a comment.

      Jose A. Munoz, M.Ed
      from Clarkston, Michigan

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