Robert W Spang obit 1910 – Penn

Sometimes you have to cut up the newspaper item in order to make it fit better on the tree.

Newspaper columns are narrow and long and fit the news print page but are not easily displayed on a family tree profile page.

obit - Robert W Spang Jan 1910 - Reading Penn

I like to cut up the news column and rearrange it to fit a more square format.

Copy of obit - Robert W Spang Jan 1910 - Reading Penn

I include both the original long version and the cut and paste square screen print, because the people who will be looking for the item in a newspaper should know how it originally appeared in the newspaper.

If the newspaper item had a picture of the person (s), I will clip the picture and use it for the family tree.

Robert W Spang Jan 1910 frm obit - Reading Penn

All three items: the original long column, the square cut and paste item and the portrait will be included in the Family Tree gallery file. I will also include on all the items a detail description of the item with dates, place and links back to the newspaper web page. In this way if someone just picks up one of the items and not all three they will still have sufficient information to get back to the original newspaper web page. There is nothing more frustrating than to see an obit or family picture without any information about where the original item can be found.


I hope this posting gave you some more hints on how to use a newspaper items on you family tree.

Thank You

Jose A. Munoz, M.Ed