Crop the item to fit the frame – 1904 marriage – Canada

Crop the item to fit the frame.

In past blog postings I said that cropping a long column newspaper item is sometimes better for a family tree. I found a very good example of this in the 1904 marriage item.

marriage - Ramsay 2 Mallandaine Aug 1904 - Canada

Copy of marriage - Ramsay 2 Mallandaine Aug 1904 - Canada

I put both versions on the tree, long version in the groom box and the cropped version in the bride box. As you can see one is easier to read than the other but both have the same information in their description.

blog - crop the news item to fit - Ramsay marriage 1904



The text information for the newspaper item:

marriage – Saturday – – Aug 13, 1904


Jean Ramsay – Klondike


Edward Mallandaine – Creston, B.C.

Sister of Jean: Mrs. McKay

school teacher at the Forks

father of Jean: Joseph Ramsey – Namaimo

mother of Jean:

address: Selby street

Edward is native of Victoria

Edward’s father published the first directory

ever issued on Vancouver island as long ago as 1858

grand father of Edward: Major-General Mallandaine, H.E.I.C.S.

cousin of Edward: Turner Townsend

Mr. Mallandaine claims consanguinity

distinguished Norman-French and Hugenot families


Tree created:


Jean Ramsay marriage 2 Mallandaine 1904 – Canada

owner: josemunoz2546


Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada

Yukon World – Aug 27, 1904



I hope this posting has helped you with your family tree creation.

Thank You

Jose A. Munoz, M.Ed


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