Genealogical Forum of Oregon

Update Nov 2017: I just returned from Portland, Oregon where I spent two weeks with my son Peter his wife Karen and their two girls Hazel and August. While the grand children were in school I worked at the GFO, typing up labels and putting labels on items. It was a real treat to be able to read all those titles on the collection of items. I say items because some were books, some magazines and some items in folders. The work was easy once they showed me how to do the work. I did five (5) sets of labels [a set is 48 items] for the creation portion and three (3) sets of taping labels on items. I worked on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, some of those days only for a half a day. I did not work on Thursday because it was raining and I had to take two buses to get to the GFO, so I stayed home. I met many volunteers and made some new friends. I told them I would be back next year to help out some more. Oh, by the way they have about 40,000 items now in their holdings. They are located at 11th and Division in the Ford Building.  —

Original post:   I was in Portland, Oregon this past week (April 2015) visiting my son Peter and his family. While I was there, Peter told me he saw a Genealogical sign when he was biking to work, so we went and visited the Genealogical Forum of Oregon.

I never knew anything about this privately owned organization but now I do.

From their web page: “…a great place to research your family history. Our library of over 36,000 titles has Oregon, regional, national, and world-wide resources…”

GFO 2015

I hope you will benefit from this information.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Old UPDATE: I have been working on FaceBook with many genealogy group pages and just now came across the following web site. I am wondering if this Forum is part of this other organization?  The new link is:

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