Judd Cantrell Jr – 1927 Story – South Carolina

I saw a story in the 1927 “Herald-Journal” newspaper and thought I would put it on a tree so others could see the story.
1927 - Hit by Car - Judd Jr Aug SC
I created a tree called “Judd Cantrell Jr. hit by car 1927 SC – Family Tree”. I then looked for and found other family trees that had Judd on their branches.

I sent the owner of those trees, the news item and then continued to work on the tree because there were lots of full dates on the other trees.

Since I had found one news item about the family in that particular newspaper, I figured I could find other items in other issues of the newspaper since that collection has 27,412 issues.

I looked at the other family trees for death dates and then looked for those dates in the newspaper collection. I was able to find several obits for various family members and I took screen prints of the newspaper item and added it to the tree.

The item I initially found about Judd did not have much info about the family but it did give me some clues which I used to create the tree. Once the tree was created I used hints given to me by Ancestry.com and used info off of other trees to find other clues about the family tree.
Cantrell News Story 1927 Tree Graph

Judd Cantrell Tree branches 1828-1946

So remember to pick up small items about the family even if the item does not seem to have much family information.

Thank You.
Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Link to Ancestry.com tree: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/79060005/family