This blog has an interesting way of getting information out to the public. Maria is tracing the family history of people of Pateley Bridge.

Pateley Bridge One Place Study

Hi, my name is Maria Robinson nee Belcher. I have lived in Pateley Bridge for the last 26years and since last September I have been collecting information on a One Name Study of Pateley Bridge.

I have been trying to find ways how I could make my information different to others, plus creating a blog for other’s to see.

So in the New Year I decided that I would aim at the 1911 census and so started with the first family on page 2 “The Bells”.

486 Regn District

2 Sub District

1 Enumeration District

My aim is to hopefully produce a different family each week, if you spot one of your relatives and would like further info, just contact me.  No living people will be mentioned.

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By Jose A Munoz

Retired General Motors designer who now works on subjects dealing with genealogy. I create trees using items I find in old Google News Archive newspapers and I contact other tree owners notifying them about the news item concerning their relative and send them a link to the tree I created. I post a screen print of the news item on the tree for others to copy, so that my work will benefit others. Occasionally, I will post about the tree I created or the item that I found, always with a "how to" in-bedded in the post. I want my blog posts to help others with their family trees or with their genealogy experiences.

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