The Dutch Slave Trade 1500-1850

It is interesting to see how one blog posting can cause other blog posting to be created, much like a comment in a conversation at a dinner party can cause a discussion about a seemingly unrelated topic. “I like the dress you are wearing; the color is so…” “Did you know that the first cloth dyes came from …” “Millions were spent in getting a specific color to region and they in turn caused new industries to be founded…”

I posted a bio from a 1882 newspaper and that gave me a few comments about the topic and caused me to do some research on the subject and found this book which I would have never known existed.

dutch slave 001

dutch slave 002

The Dutch Slave Trade 1500-1850

The Dutch Slave Trade 1500-1850
P. C. Emmer
Oxford, Berghahn, 2006, ISBN: 1845450310; Price: £45.00
Dr J. Leslie Price
University of Hull
Dr J. Leslie Price, review of The Dutch Slave Trade 1500-1850, (review no. 545)
Date accessed: 31 January, 2015

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