Wrong Information? Thomas G Mason 1822-1914

Newspaper accounts may be wrong. Just like the web a newspaper may have the wrong information and you should verify and confirm what you read.

Here is an example.


Obit - Thomas G Mason 1914 NY


This 1914 newspaper obituary says that “Mason’s family came over from England after 1822, settled in Michigan and founded the town of Mason”.   The written history of Mason, Michigan makes no mention of the Mason Family. I sent an e-mail to the Historical Society to get clarification on the matter. I will update this piece if and when I get a reply from them.

The obituary did have some good information which I was able to use to create a tree for Thomas. I could not find a family tree for him, although there were many family trees with the name and date, because those families were all listed as living in England.

I put a screen print of the Obit on the tree so it is available if some relative happens to get the tree as a hint.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Tree created to hold screen print:
Thomas G Mason Obit 1914 NY
owner: josemunoz2546

Link to Obit:
Boston Evening Transcript – Nov 14, 1914

Column 5
See down from this link:

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