Google News Archive – Info on line

Google News Archive information has been featured in many web sites; here are just a few.


Google Shuts Down Ambitious Newspaper Scanning Project


Dead Google News Archive Searching of Historical Newspapers


Browse Hundreds of Old Newspapers in the Google News Newspaper Archive




Search Tips for Google News Archive


The Who Hunter



The web sites listed above have great articles, not only about Google News Archive but about genealogy in general and you should take a look at some of their offerings.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

6 thoughts on “Google News Archive – Info on line

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  1. It’s too bad Google is now *commercial* mode only which only press agents report it foaming in the mouth like a bunch of rabid salesmen who knows they are looking at bankruptcy but refuse to admit it…… least out loud.

    1. Thank You PurpleHaze for stopping by My Blog and for your comments; they are very entertaining. At first I thought you were a serious reader and wanted the tables to be put into a different format so that you could use them, but after reading all your comments I realize that you are just upset at the products that are available for users. Google News Archive is free so I don’t understand your comment on Google is now “Commercial”?
      Keep the comments coming I enjoy a good laugh.
      Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

  2. What I mean is Google has become streamlined and not caring about users. Look at all the issues on Google Product forums that go unanswered.
    but since you are obviously a blind fan I wont’ bother talking to you. It’s YOU that’s not serious not allowing those to have different views about Google except kissing up.

    In this case the customer is NOT wrong and I wish Google did charge people for product so they would either keep things polished or go out of business.

    Google is doing what Microsoft did. Offer everything for free to put other’s out of business then start charging money WHILE not caring about their products due to lack of competitors Google gets complacent.

    I would gladly pay a small monthly fee for a polished product instead of half broken stuff they always bring out as long as the fee’s are resonasble like 20 dollars a year and a lot of people would also pay for it who would like polished products.

    I would even pay for Google news archive if it was an option if that would make it polished and even had the state tables you posted in their product.

  3. There are anti trust laws for this reason to prevent companies from eating each other up but laws are only as good as they are enforced.

  4. I forgot to mention I DO like you’re state table thingy but what I am saying is that it’s too late for what you did to have any impact on the community except the occasional reader who is interested but most people won’t even think to look here. You can’t handle even the slightest criticism which strongly shows yon YOU’RE end.

    If you look at threads like these.!topic/news/G0ux9Uua0oI!msg/news/rjQqR-rRtRA/0-HRwwOB1CkJ

    And the last one here!topic/news/Fw2caKy67LM Google falsely said the archives were back and from people pointing it out it was flat out lies what Google spouted. They only brought back limited searching and promised a major overhaul over a year ago that never happened.

    The last post did mention that the page number count got fixed which I noticed earlier in the spring. If a newspaper has 100 pages I can skip ahead easier again.

    For a while it was totally broken and now recently fixed so as the user said at least Google did something write.

    I would gladly pay for a polished archives as long as it means Google keeps up semi regularly on it! Nothing is for free and Google was BSing thinking they could do such a large project for free.

    1. Thank You for stopping by again and for the new comments. I read my Jan reply to you and I must apologize for the tone. I must have been having a bad day to write such a rude reply to your honest comment.

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