Newspaper Articles – Rev. G. E. Weagant

Newspaper articles about a person will sometimes contain biographical information which you might overlook.

For instance this long news item about the Rev. G. E. Weagant and Mrs. Weagant moving to a new church gives some “extra” facts about the couple.

The information is toward the bottom of the article so some readers may stop reading half way through the article thinking that it is not really worth reading or putting on their tree.

This is what they will miss.

“Mr. Weagant was born in Dundas County, receiving his education at Morrisburg Collegiate Institute and the University of Bishop’s College, Lennoxville. Was ordained deacon June 1902 and was received into the priesthood a year later…”

“A little over a year ago he married Miss Logan, of New Zealand”

Rev. G. E. Weagant 1909 Canada

So read the whole thing before making a decision to chuck it or to capture it for your tree.

Thank You.
Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Link to item:

Carp, Ontario
The Carp Review
Oct 21, 1909

See down this link to bottom:

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