Monk Rural Telephone Company 1909

When you feel your cell phone moving in the pocket of your coat think of the farmer in the rural community who never even had a telephone.

In the year 2015 we get used to the modern conveniences that are literally at our fingertips and we forget about the times when these items were luxuries and not necessities.



In the rural Canadian farming communities of 1909 the “BIG NEW” thing was the telephone and this article from “The Carp Review” tells us why the telephone is important.


Monk Rural Telephone Company 1909



I hope this article has put some perspective back into your lives and you will remember the “Good Old” days in a different light.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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  1. My Grandmother – Elizabeth Guy (worked for many, many years) and my Mother Vera Whyte worked a few years at the Monk Rural Telephone Company as Telephone Operators.

    1. Thank You for stopping to read my blog and for adding your information to the story. I hope you will be able to add this story to your family tree files so that others can benefit from your information. Thanks again Brenda. Stay safe. Jose

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