Tangled up in the branches

Note to Self: Don’t go back to your old trees or you will get tangled up in the branches.

Update: Nov 2017:

I did it again, I was on FaceBook and one of  the persons making a comment on a Genealogy FB group page was named Hungerford. I sent her a message saying I had written a couple of blog posts about the Hungerford family; I sent her the links. Well, I took a look at the tree and saw a few things that I could add and lo and behold I got tangled up in the tree for several days. I fixed one of the newspaper clips and added the new one onto the tree and onto the blog post. I also found an error with the parents on many other trees and will be writing a blog about the the error; (A case to be made against Catherine Johnson marriage to Paul J Hungerford; Catherine Tull married Paul). So I have been playing with this Hungerford tree and blog posts for a few days and have neglected my work on the 1884 explosion of the steamboat “Gazelle” on the Willamette River “The worst steamboat accident on the Willamette River happened on April 8, 1854, in Canemah, just above the Willamette Falls”. I plan on creating a tree for the incident as soon as I can climb down from this Hungerford tree.

As readers of my blog know I created family trees using the information off of obscure newspaper items.

I made a list of the 1108+ trees [latest update to list Oct 2017] that I’ve created and this past month I’ve been updating the list.

I am checking the list against the actual family trees and making sure the Tree Names are correct. Once I find a tree that has a different name on the list than what appears on the actual family tree, I go into the tree and see how I can fix the name. An example would be “Ida Viola Hungerford 1884” is on the list but the actual Family Tree name is: “Ida Viola Hungerford Obit 1884 VA”.

Well, I went into Ida’s tree to check out the information; make sure it was from Virginia. On the tree I found other screen prints of obituaries that I had put on the tree but had not captured the information that was in the Obits.

I of course had Ida’s Obit and all her information was on the tree but there were also four other obituaries, one for her uncle Richard Hungerford, one for Mary, Richard’s wife, one for William H. Schofer, Id’s sister Margaret’s husband and one for Thomas Edward Schofer, son of William and Margaret.

I was ready to close the file and move on to some other tree when I noticed that I had not put on any of the information that was in Mary’s obituary. Here was Mary on the tree with a screen print of her obituary but I did not have a death date for her. I also did not have her parents, children’s, or sibling’s names on the tree. I guess I got bored with the tree after filling in all of Ida’s information and just moved on to some other tree.

I read Mary’s Obit and transcribed the information and then added it on to the tree. Doing so gave me many more people and names on the tree. I now had Mary’s death date and maiden name (Kline) on her profile page. I also now had her children, all daughters, Ella, Annie, Kate, and Aurellie, on the tree. Her brothers and sister too were now on the tree: John Kline, Morris Kline, Mrs. William Millard and Kate Kline.

On two of her daughters’ profiles I now had the husbands: Ella husband Penrose Gery, Annie husband William Dengier. I then moved on to her husband Richard’s obituary and there too I found names that I had not put onto the tree back when I first found his Obit; I now put those on.

Putting that information onto the tree gave me many more new hints to choose from and I was being overwhelmed with information.

Now understand this is not my family tree; I just found “one” Obit back in 2012 and created a tree to hold that “one” newspaper item and now I was once again working on the tree. I started picking up hints and typing in information, checking and re-checking the information that I had and going back to my Reading, Pennsylvania newspaper collection (Enhanced Google News Archive) and seeing if I could find other Obit’s …

That’s when I pulled the plug and said “enough already, just write a blog posting and move on, you have 500+ other trees that you have to check!

So here I am and below is some of the information from the tree. The original Ida story is one that has to be treated on another Blog posting.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Mrs. Richard Hungerford — Mary (Kline) Hungerford

age 62 yrs 23 days —– died 24 Jun 1911 —– Address: 637 Bingaman St

father: John Kline —– mother: Elizabeth Kline

daughters: Ella, Annie, Kate, Aurellie

Ella husband Penrose Gery – Reading Penn —– Annie husband William Dengier – Reading Penn

Kate – Harrisburg —– Aurellie – Reading Penn

(2) brothers: John Kline – Reading Penn —– Morris Kline – Reading Penn

(2) sisters: Mrs. William Millard – Wilmington, Del —– Miss Kate Kline – Reading Penn


Tree Created for original Ida Hungerford to hold the screen prints of news items.

Ida Viola Hungerford Obit 1884 VA Family Tree

Link to Tree: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/45968240/person/6455070946

I found two (2) stories about her. Here are the links.

“She Preferred Death to Disgrace”

See four (4) columns to the right of this link:


Another newspaper carried the story.


Other Obit’s on the tree:

William Schofer OBIT


Richard T Hungerford


Mrs. Richard Hungerford


List of all people on Ida Viola Hungerford’s Family Tree: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/45968240/family

Name Birth Death
, Elizabeth 
Dengier, William 
Gery, Penrose  abt 1865 – United States
Hangerford, Luther  Oct 1881 – Pennsylvania
Hungeford, Grace  Jul 1884 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Annetta S.  abt 1870 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Annie F  Dec 1880 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Aurallie Aurrelria  May 1888 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Charles W.  abt 1873 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Clarence R. A.  Oct 1877 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Emma C.  Dec 1843 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Hannah B.  abt 1875 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Ida Viola  abt 1864 – Pennsylvania October 22, 1885 – Reading, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA
Hungerford, Irwin  abt 1879 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, John  Apr 1839 – Pennsylvania before 1907 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Kate M  Jun 1876 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Margaret A. “Maggie”  abt 1868 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Margaret E.  abt 1870 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Margarett  abt 1835
Hungerford, Mary 
Hungerford, Mary Ella  abt 1868 – Pennsylvania
Hungerford, Paul J Jr 14 February 1846 04 Dec 1875 – Reading, Pennsylvania, USA
Hungerford, Paul J Sr. abt 1809 – Pennsylvania before 1867 – Reading, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA
Hungerford, Richard Tull  24 Jul 1843 – Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA 10 Sep 1912 – Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA
Hungerford, Thomas  abt 1838
Kline, John 
Kline, John 
Kline, Kate 
Kline, Mary A  1 Jun 1849 – Pennsylvania 24 Jun 1911 – Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
Kline, Morris 
Millard, William 
Schofer, Charles D 
Schofer, Frank A 
Schofer, George E 
Schofer, Harry L 
Schofer, Henry 
Schofer, Jacob A 
Schofer, James A 
Schofer, Thomas Edward  20 May 1896 – Reading, Pennsylvania 15 Jun 1963 – Reading Pennsylvania
Schofer, William 
Schofer, William H  9 Feb 1852 – Exeter Township, PA 17 Jul 1905 – Reading, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA
Tull, Catharine  abt 1812 – Pennsylvania

If you have an account with Ancestry.com you can click on the names to go to their profile page.

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