Ida Viola Hugerford – victim

In my last two postings; (Tangled up in the branches and Paul J. Hungerford, father or son?), I talked about the Hungerford family tree. Here is the initial newspaper story that caught my eye and prompted me to create a family tree for Ida Viola Hungerford.


Story - Viola Hungerford death 1885 Va paper[Fredericksburg, Virginia newspaper]


I then found another account of the story.

Story - Viola Hungerford death 1885

[Reading, Pennsylvania newspaper]

Nov 2017 Undated the photo copy of newspaper death item. in Dec 28,  1885 issue but can be found in the Google News Archive file of Dec 27, 1885 as shown below.death - 27 Dec 1885 - Ida Viola Hungerford - Penn

Using the information contained in the two newspaper items I was able to create a tree for poor Ida Viola Hungerford.


After I did my initial build on the tree I contacted family tree owners who had Ida on their tree and sent them the links to the two newspaper item. One of the owners replied and commented “Now all we have to do is find Charlie.”


I had completed my mission; create a place to hold the stories, so I moved on to other tree.


From the last two blog posting you know that I revisited the tree while doing some cleanup work and have now found other obituaries and solved other mysteries in the family tree.


All family trees contain interesting family stories and some stories like this one are sad but they are the history of the family and should be recorded for future generations.


Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan



Tree Created to hold the screen prints of news items.


Ida Viola Hungerford Obit 1884 VA Family Tree


I found two (2) stories about her. Here are the links.



Fredericksburg, Virginia

The Free Lance – Jan 1, 1885


She Preferred Death to Disgrace

Front Page Middle Bottom


See four (4) columns to the right of this link:


Reading Eagle – Dec 27, 1885

Reading, Pennsylvania


Out of the River,965306


2 thoughts on “Ida Viola Hugerford – victim

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  1. Holy Cow! Why don’t they make obits like this anymore? I want a dramatic one when I go…now I don’t give a hoot about any Charlie from the skating rink…but I would like to go out dramatically 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It sure was a big write up for the poor girl, I am glad they found her. The poor family. While filling out the family tree I found the death cert for her aunt Mary and she also killed herself but at an older age… No big write up for her though.
      Have a safe and happy Holiday season.
      Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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