Daniel “LaVern” Prendergast Obit 1981

The work that I do, sometimes leads me find unexpected connections. One of the trees that I created from a random newspaper obituary, gave me many other obituaries and a connection to my own family.

I found the Prendergast item by chance and then created a tree in hopes of finding his own Family Tree. As I built the tree I found many other newspaper items and one of these items was about a Priest named Thomas J. Cain. When I contacted family tree owners who had Cain on their trees, one of the owners told me that Father Cain had been the pastor of a church in Livonia, Michigan. The church name looked familiar so I did a Google Map search and found that the church was two blocks from where my sister used to live. I called her up and asked if she knew a Father Cain and she went on to tell me that she knew him quite well and told me stories about having worked with him at the church. I sent a message to the tree owner who had giving me the location and it turns out that my sister and this tree owner knew each other.

The Prendergast obituary was in the same state but not really close to where Father Cain had lived. Also his family line was on a totally different branch of the family than Father Cain’s.

I picked the Obit by chance never remotely thinking that it would lead back to my family. If I had created the tree and stopped once I had completed the Daniel Prendergast profile page then I would never have found all those other obituaries nor would I have connected personally with the family tree.

I put this full list of people on this public web site so others may find the information.

I hope the list’s information will help other Family Tree owners fill in some gaps.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

Daniel “LaVern” Prendergast Obit 1981 – Family Tree 

People (64)

Name Birth Death
Cain, John  22 Mar 1835 – Ireland 09 Apr 1902 – Bay City, Bay, Michigan, USA
Cain, Joseph A  abt 1881 – Michigan
Cain, Marcella  7 Apr 1914 – Michigan 16 Oct 1988 – Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Cain, Monica E  11 Sep 1911 – Owosso, Michigan 17 Dec 1988 – Owosso, Michigan
Cain, Thomas J  7 Jan 1919 – Michigan 1 Oct 1984 – Livonia, Wayne, Michigan, USA
Cain Caroselli, Barbara 
Cain Chester, Rita  abt 1917 – Michigan
Carey, Anna  abt 1912 – Michigan
Carey, Clifford W  abt 1904 – Michigan
Carey, Daniel  1876 – Michigan
Carey, Helen  abt 1914 – Michigan
Carey, Michael  abt 1939 – Michigan
Carey, Nancy Lean  abt 1929 – Michigan
Carey, Thomas  29 Aug 1905 – Michigan 14 March 1988 – Lincoln, Isabella, Michigan
Chester, Paul P. 
Dailey, Catherine  May 1845 – Ireland
Depuy, Anna J.  Jan 1854 – Ohio 17 Mar 1924 – Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States
Farrell, Mary Elizabeth  abt 1875 – Canada abt 1943 – Michigan, USA
Forster, James M. 
Garvin, Bernadette  Oct 1892 – Michigan
Garvin, Louisa Mary  20 Aug 1876 – Union, Isabella Co, Michigan
Garvin, Mabelle Anna Mabel  3 Sep 1884 – MT Pleasant, Isabella, Michigan
Garvin, Michael Sweeney  abt 1845 – Ontario, Canada 13 Dec 1895 – Mt Pleasant, Isabella, Michigan, United States
Garvin, Nellie  Oct 1881 – Mount Pleasant, Isabella, Michigan, United States
Garvin, Rose Ann Rosa P  29 Dec 1879 – Union, Isabella Co, Michigan 04 Nov 1943 – Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan
Garvin, Thomas 
Garvin, William E  Dec 1882 – Michigan
Grant, Mr. 
Gross, Catherine 
Gross, George E.  before Dec 1988
Holleran, Eleanor (Nora) G  abt 1879 – Michigan 03 Sep 1942 – Michigan
Holleran, John  abt 1839 – Ireland abt 1919
Holleran, John  17 Apr 1871 – Owosso, Michigan 05 Mar 1948 – Corunna, Shiawassee, Michigan, USA
Holleran, John J  abt 1909 – Michigan
Holleran, Julia  abt 1860 – Michigan
Holleran, Kate (Katherine) Cecilia  abt 1876 – Michigan
Holleran, Margaret (Mag) Maggie  abt 1865 – Michigan
Holleran, Mary  abt 1876 – Michigan
Holleran, Mary Beatrice  abt 1911 – Michigan
Holleran, Thomas  abt 1867 – Michigan
O’Toole, Mary  abt 1840 – Ireland abt 1880
Prendergast, Bernard  abt 1910 – Michigan
Prendergast, Daniel Lavern  28 Jul 1907 – Michigan, USA 12 November 1981 – Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan
Prendergast, James  abt 1916 – Michigan
Prendergast, Janie  abt 1921 – Michigan
Prendergast, Martha M  abt 1940 – Michigan
Prendergast, Patty 
Prendergast, Rita 
Prendergast, Rose  abt 1912 – Michigan
Prendergast, Wm Eugene Gene  1905 – Michigan
Prendergast Grant, Colleen 
Pundergast, David M  Sep 1887 – Michigan
Pundergast Prendergast, Daniel Timothy  2 Aug 1873 – Michigan abt 1922
Pundergast Prendergast, Jas.  Dec 1832 – Ireland
Raen, Cora  abt 1870 – Pennsylvania
Slocum, Fred L.  before 1920
Slocum, Lulu  abt 1904 – Illinois, USA
Stilgenbauer, Nora  abt 1906 – Michigan
Thompson, James M  abt 1911 – Michigan abt 1942 – Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Thompson, James M. 
Thompson, Judith A. 

Here is the link to original Prendergast obituary:


Here is the link to Ancestry.com Tree – works only if you have an account with Ancestry.com: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/40983533/family

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