Placement in Advertising

Placement of the Ad is just as important as the words and picture of the Ad.

Ad Placement 1882
You would think that the editors of the 1882 Grand Rapids, Michigan City Directory would have caught this.

Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and the comment.

      I worked at a “Mom and Pop” newspaper for “one” day. We were trying out for a job and about 12 of us young 17 years males sat in a room cutting and pasting advertisement for the newspapers next edition. The guy who ran the paper was looking for two copy boys and so this was the interview. I remember Jerry Davis had told me about the job interview and stressed that I not mention it because the editor did not want to hire two people who knew each other. It would be disruptive in the press room. We each got a book of possible ads and we were told to cut out an item and arrange it on a newspaper page. I don’t remember the details today as this was fifty-one years ago. It’s funny I’ve never written about that job and hadn’t thought of it until just now. I can’t believe I even remember my high school friend’s name. I of course did not get the job I went on to do other things but I can still picture the setting, the tables lined with boys cutting and pasting, the guy walking around checking out what each was doing and the advertisement page stretched in front of me.

      Thanks for the nudge.
      Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

      1. Thanks for stopping by and the comment. +/- is right, some good things and some bad have come out of the so called advancements…

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