Pilgrims and Thanksgiving II

I can now report another successful pilgrim connection.  I’ve connected Ames Elijah Alden to John and Priscilla Alden; 1997 to 1599.

The Back Story:

While working on the David Alden Family tree I looked for other Alden’s in the Google News Archives and found in The Milwaukee Journal – Dec 31, 1936 the Obit for Caroline Alden. I then found in the Bangor Daily News – Dec 29, 1997 the Obit for Ames Alden.

I was able to connect Caroline to John and Priscilla as I outlined in my previous blog titled “Pilgrims and Thanksgiving,  so I thought I would try to connect Ames Alden the same way.

I followed a path from Ames to his father then grandfather and up the tree, confirming each generation with records, until I ended up at John and Priscilla.

I already had a tree created for the 1893 David Alden newspaper item and I had added Caroline to the tree, so it was logical that I add Ames Alden to the same tree.

There are hundreds of records to choose from but I only needed one or two per generation to confirm the data, so I only put those few records on to the tree.

My goal was to connect 1997 to 1599 and not to create a full documented family tree. Had this been a complete family tree I would have of course added every person in each generation documenting each with records and that task would have taken me a life time.

I will contact the five Ames Alden family tree owners who got my first message (the 1997 Obit) just as I contacted the family tree owners of Caroline when I connected her to the pilgrim families.

This new pilgrim connection will give the Ames Alden family a great conversation topic when they sit down to their Thanksgiving dinner.

They of course will have the family tree and the records to prove their connection to the pilgrim families.


Ames Alden Family Tree


Thank You.

Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

For Ancestry.com users only.  This link will not open up to the tree unless you are signed up for Ancestry.com

Tree Created to hold item:
David Alden 1646-1719 Boston – 02 Sep 1893
Owner: josemunoz2546

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